Copper or brass planter with sunwheel (swastik) on bottom

jparr64August 6, 2013

can anyone help me identify and provide any details on this nice planter I got at an estate sale. It has three interesting swastika symbols carved into the bottom. I realize that this probably isn't from the Germans but from the older use of the symbol. Any help is appreciated.

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Here is another photo

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The right facing swastika has many connections to ancient eastern religions. Your piece could have been made in India but it should be marked that way.

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This piece looks very much like an import from India.

We had lots of brass decor imported from India in the 80's in Russia. My parents there have a brass tray and bowl without any manufacturer marks. No marks "Made in India" either. No swastikas, but they wouldn't be allowed in the USSR at all.

If the piece was purchased as a souvenir overseas, that would explain the swastikas and the lack of a manufacturer mark. I have a brass candlestick brought by my DH's niece from Nepal. No manufacturer marks on it.

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Okay, thanks everyone!

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