Tell me how you use your BS or CC grill

cottonpennyFebruary 18, 2012

Thinking about the 36" rangetop, probably BS because I like the look. I'm not sure I'll ever use 6 burners at once.

I thought about griddle but I don't usually cook breakfast and I worry about cleaning it. We live in the northeast, so grilling during the winter is unpleasant.

What types of foods do you cook on the built-in grill? How is it to clean? I've seen the video of Trevor lining the CC grill with foil - assume you can do something similar with the BS?

If I get the grill, I'm thinking of getting a 42" modernaire hood with 1200 cfm internal blower. Assume that would be enough?

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Also in the NE and in a nutshell, anything you can do on an outdoor grill can be done inside...ANYTHING! I clean it the same way too. Just crank up the heat to carbonize the bits and until the oils stop smoking and then use the wire brush and scrape everything below. I have a CC but, I'm pretty sure the BS is the same.

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Cottonpenny- Also in NE and planning to get a 48" BS range top w/ grill. We grill outside all year long but I plan to use the BS for times throughout the year when I just want to roast small quantities esp. veggies, and don't want to run in an out...especially in the cold.
I just grilled a couple of lamb chops in the BS test kitchen..delicious.. but lots of smoke. You can put foil on the catch tray.
Good luck!

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I have a 48" CC with a grill/griddle. The grill is great, to the point that I should have skipped the griddle and gone for a 24" grill. I have cooked chicken, veggies, burgers, lamb chops, thick cut bacon, steaks, you name it! The best part is clean up is easy- I hit it with a regular grill brush and put the cover it- done! Every month or so I take the grates off and put them in the DW. They reverse so you can cook delicate fish with the very wide flat side or everything else on the thin side (which has built in grease channels that really do direct the grease to the front). You do need to make sure you have a large exhaust fan to take care of the smoke that occurs when grilling. I have also seen people use them as additional burners when you need a lot of burner space...

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