msmagooNovember 20, 2005

Has anyone out there had liposuction, I've been researching for about 2 years, mainly outer thighs & baby pouch. I run & weight train, am 5'5 135 lbs, don't really want to lose any weight but I can't seem to lose the fat in certain places. Thanks in advance.

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My friend had a tummy tuck she was thin but we she pulled up her shirt she had the baby pouch, I have 2 kids one 6 months ago but I dont think how much you work out it dosnt get rid of the baby pouch. I would look into the tummy tuck she loved it , It made her go down 2 pant sizes, they do recomend that you get down to the size that you are comfortable with. I belive it cost her 5 thousand. Recovery was easy, like a c-section. I had 2 c-sections and I think they are a pice of cake. Mabey this would be a good thing for you.

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I had my hips, thighs and inside of my knees done. It wasn't that painful, wearing the navel to knee elastic corset for the three weeks following was the only downer, it was uncomfortable. I'm thrilled with the results and wished I'd done it ten years ago. I had the tumnescent liposuction, I didn't even have bruises. But when I gained some weight, instead of going on my legs like usual, it went to my back, and I now have back rolls of fat. Keep that in mind- it has to go SOMEWHERE and if you remove it from one place, you don't know where it will shift.

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How did you choose your doctor? You see all the horror stories on TV and it seems that most of the time people didn't research the doc well enough. Were you at your normal weight when you had it done. I've always had a small waist & upper body, but it seems like my bottom is out of proportion. Thanks for your response.

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It's not so bad. I've had some done on my sides, neck area and thighs. The pain is bearable, and the results beat anything you can get from the gym, for as long as you get the right doctor and have substantially researched about the procedure.

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