momrox4November 11, 2004

Mine are, shall we say, very "sparse". Don't know if it's from overplucking in my younger days, aging, or as I've read, due to hypothyroidism (which I have). Anyway, they stop short of the inner corner of my eye, which I understand is where they're supposed to reach. I've been using powdered eyeshadow to sort of fill them in. Does anyone have any other suggestions, short of transplants?!!

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Mine used to be as full and lush as Ali McGraw's or Olivia Hussey's, but started getting a bit sparser about the same time I started going gray and noticed wrinkles (when it rains it pours!)

Anyway I've tried all manner of pencils and shadows. Now I just use cheap drugstore brow pencils and keep them sharp. It lasts all day unless you are maybe running a marathon.

I've seen a couple of tattoo jobs but I didn't like the look.

As you age, I've found that filling in the eyebrows is one way to immediately look younger.

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Well.....shall we talk no eye brows?...How about chemo therapy!?
I went to one of those "look good, feel good" places and they tried to sell me queer little paste on fake eye brows! I said....no thanks...pencil does it for me!
Eye brows...AND eyelashes are definitly the key!
Linda C......going on 40!!

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I wish i could send you mine.They just won't quit.

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Going on 40? Linda, is your nose growing? LOL.

My eyebrows are also getting more and more sparse. I never even noticed until one time a lady who cut my hair mentioned that's what happens when you get older and she offered to shape my sad little sparse brows and then fill them in for me with a pencil. I decided I could do the deed myself. (I felt so dumb at that time because I just never noticed it myself and also I didn't notice that I was 'getting older'!) Now I fill them in with a powder called Colorworks from Circle of Beauty, I've had it for about 5-6 years, it won't run out!

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Well....Gina said that adding eye brows was a quick way to look younger....so I added a lot....really dark....and figured that ought to knock off a lot of years!
Seriously though....watch what you do. I know one gal who is very blond ( and getting lighter!) and draws very dark brows down to the lower outside corner of her eyes....looks awful...and very aging. And another gal who draws on these little "dove wings"...looks like she uses a stencil, which also looks awful. And remember, never ever use black....and lighter is better.
Linda C...going on 50...NO?? LOL!

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I used to have Brook Shields eyebrows with the exception they were long and curly and there was no way to tame the curl. I tried vaseline to glue them down and every other thing I could think of. I though that was a big problem.

Oh how I wish I had the same problem now. But no, I'm like the rest of you with sparse eyebrows. They are still long, but very sparse. I've tried the pencil thing and I'm not very good at filling them in so I use Avon's eyebrow powder. Not perfect but better than nothing. I can no longer wear contacts so my glasses age me anyway.

I think the hysterectomy caused me to loose my eyebrows because it caused me to loose a lot of hair. My hair was fairly thick. It is thin now. It could not possibly be my age because like Lindac and Woodie, I am much too young.

BTW Woodie, what is Circle of Beauty?

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Beverly, believe it or not it was from Sears! (Not where I usually shop for cosmetics, I just happened to be browsing and found it.) Circle of Beauty is the name of the distributor for this particular brow powder.

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Hmmm, I'll have to try it. I think what I have from Avon is a little too dark since I went ash blonde.

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I use the brow powder from Clinique....same little case of it for 6 years....on my second brush though....need another.
Linda C

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I didn't realize Clinique had brow powder. I assume from something you said earlier that they have a shade lighter than dark brown and black.

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I've never posted here but thought I'd put in my two cents worth. I am very fair and so are my eye brows. I had my eye brows tatooed about two years ago and wish I'd have done it years ago. I love them. You can actually see them now but they don't stand out like a sore thumb. We picked a color that matches my skin tone and hair color. Just a thought.

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