Female mustach starting to appear

debo_2006November 13, 2007

Like mother, like daughter I suppose. I'm starting to get the dark hairs growing in above my upper lip. I'm 48 and it's becoming noticeable. My mother has it and doesn't do anything with it, but I'm not her.

Some of the hairs are blonde and fuzzy. I don't want to just cut them shorter or pluck. Bleaching them won't make them dissappear. Options are waxing or lazer. I prefer to have something that will last months before I have to do it again. I don't want them growing in more coarse and darker, though, so I'm hesitant on what to do.

So, my question is, what do you do for these hairs that are growing in darker? Does lazer hurt? And, how often do you get it treated with YOUR method? Any info will help.


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I've had laser treatment on my upper lip and it involves going about every 6 weeks over the course of 7-8 months. The laser kills the current hair that is there, but new hair that grows in must be treated. It stings a little, but they put some ointment on that helps to lessen the "zap". Laser treatments work best on dark hair, so if yours is still blonde it may not be beneficial. You might consider using Nair which lasts for 6 wks or so.

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There was another post about facial hair and someone was raving about the product VANIQA.It's a prescription you get from a doctor that keeps the hair from growing.It may be worth trying before considering laser treatments.

I dont get the mustache,but I do get a few stray hairs on my chin and I always either wax them or use Nair facial creme.I would love to laser them off one day though.

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Yeah, I've been plucking some strays from my chin for years now. My upper lip isn't dark yet, other than 3-4 hairs. I'll look into both the Nair for face and the other option.

Thanks....anyone else?

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Shave! Don't pluck. When you pluck they grow back thicker and darker. I've been shaving my upper lip for years and you can't see a thing. Then I decided to pull some of the hairs out.
Well, I only did a little area because it hurt so bad but that one little area has grown in much darker. I still shave it off but I wish I hadn't done the plucking.

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I use this springy thing called an Epicare; you can google it and buy them on the "big on-line auction site." It's a coiled spring that you roll across the hairs and it pulls them out, sort of like a bunch of tweezers at once. Not as painful as it sounds, and better than waxing (for me, anyway) since it doesn't leave me with redness and pimply bumps. It pulls the hair out by the roots and no, they don't grow back darker, they seem to be finer and lighter.

I did post about the epicare once before and I think it might have brought out a spammer so sorry about that in advance if it happens again. It's cheap, works well, but does wear out after 6 months or so--I guess the spring loosens somewhat with repeated use.

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dawn2dusk, How long ago did you get you laser treatment? I have friends who had their legs done and the hair does not grow back after all treatments are complete. Also, i had Spider vein laser treatments on my upper thigh. The laser has killed all the hair in that area. I had that done about 5 years ago. Still no hair has regrown.

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Bumblebeez, if you shave, don't you get razor stubble when it grows back? I don't think I would want my man to feel that when he kisses me!

I started getting the pale, fine hair on my upper lip at around age 30. If you get it waxed approx every 6 weeks, after a while the follicle "dies" due to the hair being constantly ripped out by the root. Eventually (may take a few years) you will only have to wax once or twice a year.

Nice salons may charge $10 to $20 depending on what part of the country you live in. Depending on the skill of the waxer, you get a nice and mostly perfect job. Some are really good at it and get all the hair in one shot, others are horrible and have to keep reapplying and just when you think you can't take anymore and it is all over, they come at you with the tweezers! And I have had that kind of torture in the nicer, high end salons! So it is important to find someone good. The Asian nail salons do waxing too, for much less, but some of the health and sanitary issues in those places make me a bit leary of using them. I do it myself at home now, there are kits at the store, the last one I bought was by Sally Hanson, clear wax in between plastic sheets. YOu cut the size you need, warm it by rubbing between your hands, peel back the plastic covering, place it over the area, and rip it off. I won't say it feels good, but it isn't that bad either. Better than having a mustache! The kit I bought had strip sizes for all different body parts, and since I just had to cut down small pieces for my lip, it lasted me forever for about $5.

Doing it yourself requires some practice in the beginning, but it is more convenient, cheaper, and more sanitary than using some salon services.

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I shave also. I have mostly fine blonde peach fuzz. No, you don't get razor stubble if the hair you are shaving is soft. It grows back in soft. I have a few corser dark hairs that I pluck, they do grow back in stubbly. But most women's facial hair is not like a mans.

I run an electric razor (or you can us a blade)over my face every few days. It is quick, easy, painless, and doesn't irritate the skin. I think if more women tried it they would choose it but for some reason women are scared to try it.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

The only place I get stubble is the little area I plucked once. I keep it shaved off of course. It's not like men's whiskers! But I don't puck anymore either.

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I respectfully disagree. I have read several beauty magazines which tell you SHAVING is what makes the hair APPEAR to grow in darker and thicker because of the angle in which it is cut off.
Plucking and waxing makes the hair grow in finer because it RIPS THE ROOT OUT.
Your one hair growing in thicker has nothing to do with the fact you plucked it.Thicker hair usually is a hormonal thing.

My mom started using one of those epi lady shavers on her face and had to stop because she was getting stubble and said it was like she was growing a beard!

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I think if the hair you are shaving is dark and coarse then it will grow in dark and coarse. My facial hair is fine and light in color. It grows in soft and not dark at all. If I don't shave for a week it doesn't look funny. I don't have coarse stubble.

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I agree with you happylad. But if the hair is already dark and coarse,shaving it,in my honest opinion,makes it look worse.
If the hair is fine and light,then I guess shaving couldnt hurt.

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Plasticgarden, I do have a very few of those coarser dark hairs on my upper lip. They ARE different. I pluck them.

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the mustache didn't bug me as much as the nanny-goat whiskers...but it quickly became apparant that they were coming in faster than I could pluck them.

so I tried a bunch of stuff...

and found that the pre-waxed strips that don't do squat on the rest of my body? work great on my upper lip and under my chin. I just cut them to size (so one leg-sized strip lasts three months) and they work better than the facial strips, which were neither strong enough, nor shaped to suit my fur pattern.

the trick, of course, is the direction you lay them down, and pull them off - mine grow down and a littl out, and if you miss that 'diagonal' aspect, you'll only get half the job done, which totally sucks.

Azulene hard wax and cloth strips would also work - but it's a bother to heat that up just to do two strips, eh?

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And, PLEASE! Don't forget the nose hairs! I was talking to a dear long time friend of mine (in her mid-50s) not long ago and was suddenly quite distracted by the nose hairs escaping her nostril. Way worse than than a few mustache hairs, in my opinion.

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I'm a convert to epilators. I use mine on my lower legs, underarms, and occassionally the mustache area.

Yes it hurts initially but it doesn't pull/tear the skin like wax. No mess! And the pain goes away after a few sessions - the follicles do weaken, and the hair grows in finer and softer. I have to LOOK closely at the front of my shins when I use it, because I can't feel them being pulled out. The rest of my leg just feels like I'm running sandpaper over it if the appliance is removing hair.

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jessyf, do you have a brand you recommend and can you use it in the bikini area? I might like to try something other than my skirt suits!

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you should start removing it, there's nn other way out. I think laser removal is best for you, but here are some more possible removal ways: http://www.jurgita.com/articles-id2435.html

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Facial hair removal nowadays is not a problem anymore. With the latest technology invented and new discoveries, it can be treated easily. Some uses the Laser Hair Removal and other methods depending on the client's preference. Thanks.

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I have just had laser hair removal for under my chin and I am VERY happy with it. No more shaving, plucking, waxing, sugaring, epilating, bleaching, electrolysis, etc. Yay for modern technology!!

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I have been shaveing for years,I have the smoothest skin.when was the last time you felt a man with ruff skin?Never.because he shaves,Shaveing gets rid of dead skin.

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Hmmm, I have a few tiny fine hairs that I pluck or have waxed.

On the subject of shaving: I have a long-time male friend who is married to a woman with upper lip hair that she shaves. He has told me he finds it repellent to kiss her as she will have stubble at times. (He tells me things I probably don't need to know but we have known each other since we were almost kids.) Maybe some men don't mind this but if you have beau or husband it might be something to consider.

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That Epicare looks pretty good. I put it on my wish list.

At the fair recently I saw those buffer pads. They might work also.

This is such a helpful thread. Almost all women over a certain age have issues with facial hair. Hormonal, I guess.

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The buffer pad removed more skin than hair for me!

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