Waterproof Mascara?

ninosNovember 21, 2007

I have been searching for a good waterproof mascara for a long time now. I have oily skin so i use a waterproof to keep it from running down my eyes. I have used Maybelline's Great Lash(waterproof) and that eventually it runs too. Has anyone found a good waterproof mascara?

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Waterproof mascara is supposed to be bad for your eyelashes. I don't understand what having oily skin has to do with your eyelashes?

If you're already using a waterproof mascara and your oily skin is dissolving it, I would look for something for my skin, not a different mascara.

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I've been wearing Kiss Me mascara for almost a year now, and I love it. I had the same smudging problem as you (oily skin) but this stuff has eliminated that problem...no more raccoon eyes. It's one of those fiber type mascaras that only comes off with gentle pressure. The first time I removed it I thought I was losing my eyelashes...it comes off in clumps, but looks like lashes. LOL. Scared me. Check it out at sephora, I know they sell it, not sure where else, but there are other brands of fiber mascara, too, this is the only one I tried.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Marathon Mascara is the only foolproof mascara I've ever used.
I wear it when I go swimming or will be sweating a lot. However, it is difficult to remove and doesn't apply easily.

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Thank you ladies! I will try the Kiss Me brand first. My sister is off to Woodfield mall today so i have asked her to pick it up for me.

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ninos...let us know what you think of it.

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I use LOREAL VOLUMINOUS waterproof (in the summer) and it is pretty good.I have gone swimming and no smudges or anything.
It is kinda hard to get off though,so you may need to use baby oil or some other make up remover to get it off.Soap and water just dont cut it.

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E.L.F. - online or KMart around here - only $1 - and it's great, even with sensitive eyes.

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Marathon mascara is the only truly waterproof that I've found. You can't get it off very well...so my trick is to not take it off!

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My favorite is Maybelline Unstoppable. No racoon eyes on me, even when I'm very naughty and sleep in it.

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Kiss Me mascara is wonderful... good luck. There are others like Kiss Me, but I didn't think they were as smooth. I also use the primer by Kiss Me.

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Yep, it is wonderful. I'm still using it.

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My daughter swears by the Chanel Imitable waterproof mascara
over MAC primer.
She was in accident end of Feb, in ICU for 4 days, had surgery for broken neck, in all of that she had to remove the mascara on 5th day.
Everyone kept remarking that she must have awesome mascara because her lashes were just as gorgeous after several days as they were the first night. She could barely talk at times, but would mumble "Chanel waterproof and MAC primer..."
I can't wait to try it!

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