Daltile Siberian Tundra

nyc_sportJanuary 31, 2014

We are considering using this 12 x 24 Daltile Siberian Tundra limestone in a bathroom, including in the shower area (walk-in with linear drain). Anyone have any experience with this tile (particularly in the shower) and any thoughts or views on suitability, cleaing, etc.? Thanks very much.

Here is a link that might be useful: Daltile Siberian Tundra

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I don't know this particular limestone. I am using a porcelain limestone lookalike because I have read that limestone itself is difficult to use in a shower area. A few years ago someone here used limestone in her bathroom, just on the walls and maybe vanity counter and really regretted it, wouldn't do it again if she had a do-over.

I had a limestone shelving unit in the Master before the reno, and from that experience I wouldn't use the real stuff in my new Master BR. Tiles were inconsistent depth, stone itself while beautiful was soft and brittle, and porous, I had to use a steamer to clean it thoroughly.

Again, La_cocina within the past year used real limestone for wainscoting and I think perhaps her floor in the BR (I think she used porcelain in the actual shower). Perhaps you could post a question or add to her post (linked below)

Here is a link that might be useful: la_cocina's limestone BR

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I am going with Daltile Windmill/Biscuit for my bathroom floor as I want an unglazed tile. I also like that is it not a stark white. I am buying an acrylic claw foot and painting the outside black (so you will still see the inside white of the tub). Do I get toilet/pedestal sink that are white or more cream/biscuit to match floor? I have gone to look at Lowe's/HDepot but so hard to tell. The Kohler biscuit toilet etc look good but will it with tub. I used to have a design helper in this area but she went to work at Lowe's and is not longer available.

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Pamela, you may want to start your own thread with your questions about your bathroom instead of posting in NYC's thread. You'll probably get more replies.

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I used a limestone counter in my bath, but a look alike in the shower. I wanted to be able to scrub it and use chemicals to kill mold that I knew would show up (I have untreated well water and it is very "alive"). There is no way I'd use real limestone in a shower myself. I baby the counter and am SO careful about hair products and lotions, creams, etc. because it's so porous.

Here is another link to a similar discussion:

Here is a link that might be useful: Limestone in shower?

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several have mentioned usingporcelain limestone look a like - can you provide the name of the tile you used. Thanks

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Our tile is Ceramiche Supergres, colour is Ever-Dore. It is a porcelain tile from Italy inspired by French Beaumaniere limestone. What I really liked about it besides it was the nicest looking tile I could find (and I went to every tile place in town), is that there are very few repeats. We bought 88 12 X 24 tiles, and there were a handful of repeats in those 88. By flipping them upside down, I doubt it anyone could find a repeat anywhere in my shower! I carefully selected each tile for each placement and tried to have them flow from one tile to another.

For some reason colours from the photobucket photo seem quite faded from the original on my monitor. Tiles really look quite realistic in real life.

Here is a link that might be useful: Porcelain Limestone Lookalike from Italy

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raechelen - I love that tile. were you able to do very small grout line?

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Pind, we didn't do a very small grout line. Not because we couldn't, but DH wanted a 3/16" one. From the photos on their website, the manufacturers show installation with a next to nothing grout line. I would contact them or a supplier that is knowledgeable to ask about that.

I am reattaching the photo of ours, as I reorganized my photobucket file and the previous one is gone now. This is pre-grout. Don't have a full shower shot with grout yet.

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