Thumbs up for nuLOCKZ hair restoration and my thinning hair

starzNovember 25, 2009

For the past several years I've been getting my hair TR'd which stands for thermal reconditioned. Although I love that my hair is straight all the time, I wasn't happy about my temple area thinning. I am in my 40's but still I think it's harder on a woman to lose hair than a man because it's more common with men? IDK but my husband started using nulockz hair kit and he is growing hair. We tried everything on him and he couldn't grow a thing until this. So I bought it for myself. My hair is not as obvious because it's long and I can cover it, but his is. Anyway, after several weeks, my hair is already thicker and I am seeing new growth which excites the heck out of me! Just wanted to share in case you guys needed something like this. I think it's all natural but not certain.

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WOW, That is amazing Stars! I'm going to try it, and have my hubby try it too! I've ALWAYS had thin hair! Did you get it on line?

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cheeky75, sorry it has taken so long for me to reply..been busy with christmas stuff. happy holidays by the way! yes you can only get it online. if you just type in it should get you right there. i would recommend getting a kit with the hair fibers, cause otherwise you would have to go back and pay more shipping and handling with another order. the reason i like the hair fibers is because you have instant results while you are waiting for the other products to actually give you new hairs. and BTW its no joke, those hair fibers are like looks like you instantly grow hair! where do you thin the most on your head? mine was mostly on my temples, but my hubby's back of his head and front area were pretty bad before we tried this. let me know what happens!

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poor starz.

Has anyone dones a search for her name on all forums?

She has had so many terrible things to overcome;
fortunately, she's managed to find products to cure all ills, & she's provided links to the sites where these products are sold.

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I know, I noticed that too. Poor Starz, how are you still standing? But what a miracle it is that she has found all the sites to purchase what is needed to cure the many ailments she suffers from. Thanks Sylvia, I think we are witnessing a Christmas miracle! :-)

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Yes and she lost from a size 12 to a size 5 without dieting. Amazing woman.

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