thoughts on the CC or BS griddles?

modern_mom35February 17, 2012

Now that the Wolf open burners have been discontinued, we are having to completely change directions on our range top. It was the one thing I was certain about in this remodel...grr! staying positive, though, as I know from GW that there are other great options.

Ideally, we want 4 burners and a double griddle, but we would be okay with 6 and a single griddle. We are looking at both the BlueStar 48" and the Capital Culinarian 48". BS does not make a double griddle which is disappointing. I don't like the configuration as much on the CC as on the wolf (4 burners, then double griddle rather than griddle in middle). I am concerned with big pots feeling crowded next to one another. does anyone have any feedback on eiher griddle? performance, cleaning, etc..?? to those with burners all together, do your big pots feel crowded?

thank you!

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Just out of curiosity, how do you plan to use all that griddle space? I only ask because I only find use for a griddle once or twice a month.

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We have two young kids, so the usual weekend pancakes, eggs. Thought we would also use it for fajitas, veggies, etc..

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Bluestar makes a double griddle on the 48". Model RNB48BBC. Take a look at the link to the installation/config guide below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bluestar 48

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Thanks MichelleDT! We are looking for a range top and I believe that is a freestanding range. I have not seen a range top from BS with a double griddle. Maybe I'm missing something - hope I am..

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Ooops....I missed that. Sorry!

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You can configure a CC however you like. You can place the griddle in any location you want.

I personally find the griddle my least favorite option. I have a 48" CC with grill and griddle in the center. I should have went with the double grill since we use the grill all the time. The griddle works fine but it is no where nearly as easy to clean as a pan that you can bring to the sink (true of ANY built in griddle- they all clean the same). I would NEVER cook bacon on it, the grease would be unbearable to clean afterwards. Frankly I find the griddle 12" of wasted space on my range.

Hey Trevor- Do you accept trade ins???? :)

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Wolf AG had semi open buners. You can place a griddle on a grille, but it doesn't work the other way around. There are griddles made to cover 4 burners, which would work on a double grille. The CC can be configured as you like for an upcharge. BlueStar may be willing to as well, you could try contacting them.

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thanks so much for the feedback!!

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I'm basically with elminer, I have a 48" bs with grill and griddle. Wish I went with double grill which gets used all the time. If I was buying again I'd go double grill, but that is with my own personal cooking style (ymmv)

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Capital will make a range top with 2 burner griddle griddle 2 burner configuration.

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This has me rethinking my double griddle. I think I may now do a griddle and grill. Or maybe a double grill with a griddle plate. I have another month or so to change my mind 30 more times. ;-)

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Do not hesitate, double grill!! You can always get a griddle plate, you cannot get a larger grill. I would trade for a double grill in a heartbeat!

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Thanks for your thoughts everyone!

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LOVE our double griddle on our BS 48" rangetop. DS wanted it the most, he is the breakfast king. He will whip out pancakes for the kids on school days, he says in less than 15 minutes. He cleans it right away, when you get the hang of it it goes quick. He does bacon on it all the time, usually before the pancakes (not on school days, bacon takes a while). We don't use it for scrambled eggs, like those better in the pan but bet fried would be good. We've used it a few times for chicken but got a wok and are having too much fun with that to experiment with meat on the griddle. We had a double burner griddle pan before and it wasn't near the same.

I disagree with the grill fans. I have a Modernaire vent liner with in line fan and really like it. Even with that, I can't imagine grilling in the house, too much grease, smoke and stink for me, I'd rather send DH outside with it. Lots of that we could do on the griddle anyway if inclined.

I do think it depends on your cooking style. Ours has changed since the redo, I'm so happy to report that DH is participating much more, did I say that I love our wok? If you are into big breakfasts, fajitas, grilled cheese, etc, you could get more use out of a griddle.

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With proper ventilation there is no smell, smoke or grease with a grill.

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My BS range is scheduled to be delivered this week (can't wait!), and I ordered a double griddle with four burners. I never considered the grill, just because I prefer to grill outside; no other reason. After owning a restaurant for years (long time ago), I love how versatile the griddle can be, and am looking forward to using this one. I have also used a griddle over the burners, as some have suggested, but I find that I get hot spots. It really comes down to what matters to you - enjoy!!

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Thanks Ready and klcardella! Great feedback!!

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Kicardella how do you like your new BS range? We are considering a 36 with griddle or a 48 with double griddle. I was wondering if you have found the griddle useful and if it does what you expected to do. Is the heat even and easy to control and is it controlled by only one thermostat. If we went for the 48" the reason was to also get the smaller 2nd oven so that we wouldn't have to use the large oven for small items. If we went with the 36 we would get a Miele Speedoven to compensate for only 1 oven in the range. It is mostly just the 2 of us, but the 12" griddle appears small and would like input on the 24" griddle and the range in general.

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I too was interested in the 24" griddle option after watching a teppan yaki chef cook veggies, fry rice, etc. on it, then squirt some water on it and wipe it clean with a washcloth. I was transfixed... and sold on a griddle.

However, not wanting to give up the grill for the griddle, I inquired about a convertible grill/griddle option. Trevor said CC offers one or the other, not both, but suggested a grill and an add-on SS griddle like this (this particular unit is my suggestion, not Trevor's, and is as yet untested): And I don't know if this will work, but CC's grill grates are reversible, and therefore removable, meaning the griddle will not stick up that far and the proximity will improve heat transfer from grill to grill.

After giving it some thought, I think this is the best of both worlds. You can't (easily or efficiently) turn a griddle into a grill, but you can turn a grill into a griddle. Also, grills would be very handy for myriad tasks like grilling veggies, toasting tortillas, nori (seaweed), bread?, etc.


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