Stainless Warming Shelf over Range--Any Regrets?

beekeeperswifeFebruary 16, 2012

I'm considering the 36" Bluestar Rangetop with the 24" backguard with shelf.

the shelf is 10" deep. The highest burners are on the front.

The hood is 42" wide, 27" deep, 1200cfm fan. Also has warming lights, so I would like to take advantage of that this time.

The shelf does have slots cut out in it to let steam, etc through.

I'm ok with wiping down the underside of the shelf.

If you have this setup, do you regret it?



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We have the 24" backguard with shelf. We are quite happy with it except for one thing. The shelf isn't adjustable. Our friends have this same set up and their shelf lines up with the bottom of their upper cabinets. One thing we didn't check was the height of the stainless shelf with the bottom of OUR cabinets (I guess we just assumed it would line up like our friends). But our shelf ended up being about 4 inches higher than the bottom of our cabinets so it isn't as nice visually. It's not really a problem, but we were just taken by surprise.

As I recall, it is a bit on the pricey side so you might see if a metal fabricator can make something similar for less money. I believe some people on GW have done that.

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We also have the 24" high shelf with the 36" BS. We don't have any warming lights. Nevertheless, if a couple of burners or the oven are running, the shelf makes a good plate warmer or keeps food warm. It's nice to keep that stuff off of the counters. Not matching up with the cabinets isn't a visual issue in my view.

I'd be happy to post pictures if someone tells me how to do it.

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thanks for the responses.

daveliv, if you look on the kitchens forum there is a thread that usually is hanging out on page 1, might slip to pg 2. It is titled something like "New to kitchens.." there are instructions on how to post photos.

Bottom of cabinet height matching is a non-issue for me. We have left a lot of room between range/hood and cabinets on each side.

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