Ordering mens jeans for women

xena_z4November 5, 2003

I don't really know where to post this. This forum seemed the likliest.

I'm really tall, and not really skinny. My problem is is that it's impossible to find pants that fit me in both the waist & inseam. I found some places online that would make pants for me based on my measurements, but they can be quite expensive and I've noticed that the pants in the men's big & tall catalogs are cheaper. My question is: Does anyone know how to order mens pants for a woman to wear? I know they ride lower than womens pants, so do I order based on my hip size? I'm thinking if I order based on my waist size, they'll be too tight for my bigger hips. Does anyone have any experience with this?



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I wear Levis 501 button front jeans.

I don't really have an "hourglass" shape though and tend to be thick waisted.
When I find womens jeans that fit me in the waist, they are too big in the hips.

My waist is about 29" or so and my hips are 37" or so.

I buy 501's that are 31" waist and 32" inseam.

I would recommend going to a store and trying on jeans to see how they fit before you custom order some.

Or try Land's End. They are great for custom clothes.


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I have the opposite problem - women's jeans fit me better than men's, but I haven't worn jeans in over ten years. I would recommend going to a thrift store to try on a variety of brands. Lee jeans are higher cut; Wranglers are lower cut (with regard to waistline) in comparison to Levi's. Lady Wranglers fit me the best, and when I bought them, I wore a 7/8. Now I have to get 11/12! The only jeans I have now are a black and white cow print that I made myself. Jeans aren't hard to make, and you can get them to fit exactly if you make them yourself.


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How do I know what fit is best for me? I am 5'3", 125 pounds, have an hourglass shape with a round belly. I currently wear Calvin Klein or Lee, size 6 regular. They fit well, except at the waist. I don't want anything baggy because it will accentuate my hips and butt, but don't want anything too tight either.

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You can have jeans tailored just like other clothes.

Most mens stores have a tailor that works with the store, although this is getting harder to find these days. Or check around and find a seamtress, most work out of their homes but advertise, or are listed in the Yellow Pages. Or ask at a bridal shop for the name or business card of the seamstress they use.

I have boughten men's jeans and had them taken in at the waist. You can have them hemmed too, of course. To take them in at the waist they can either put in two darts or take in the backseam. If they take in the backseam they need to have a special sewing machine that does felled seams. This may cost more to have done.

Mens jeans are sized by the waist and the inseam length, in various combinations. Measure your waist at the point where the waist of the jeans will fall, this is not neccessarily at the bellybutton.

Never order jeans from a cataloge or online. They will never fit right. (Unless you are already familiar with the brand and style# and are only replacing jeans you already own.) Every brand caters to a different figure type and fit.

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It seems so unfair that men can literally buy off the rack, but women have such a hard time. I'll measure my waist to get an idea of what will fit properly. Thanks!

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There was good discussion of jeans on the cooking forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jeans buying.

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I buy LIZ CLAYBOURNE in size 12. They always fit.
Never have to try them on in the store.
Size 12 regular.


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OMG Keli OR, you must be my body twin! And I wear Levis too!
My problem is "No Butt" My jeans tend to sag in the rump.
Lee Riders are nice too. Seems like i've been a size 10 tall all my adult life. Sometimes i'll go for a 29"waist all depends on how they are cut, and it seems that all brands are cut DIFFERENT!
I wear lower riding jeans because of my waist and I don't like the look of "Mom Jeans"

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I'm so short waisted that low rise jeans are almost mom jeans on me!

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barnmom, me too !! I'll be sad to see those go out of fashion, it has worked very well for me. I tried on an old pair of regular rise jeans the other day and I felt weird.

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Ladies, there's still hope. If you haven't already, give
Zafu a try. Zafu matches already existing women's jeans to your body type. All you have to do is plug in a little information about yourself and you'll get back possibly dozens of off the rack options.


Here is a link that might be useful: Zafu

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Rotny, I am pretty sure I did this or something close. It came back with a few choices for me. None of which were either available to me where I live or didn't work when I actually tried them on. I really have to go and hold them up and look at the cut. If they look like they have "hips" they will not work for me. I don't have any roundness on the sides of my hips and thighs. All that fabric ends up looking like diaper butt on me. They have to look straight up and down on the hanger.

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