GE Monogram range with grill

kaylFebruary 1, 2010

Anyone out there own a GE Monogram range with grill? I leaning towards this one over the Wolf. I'm thinking 36", but possibly 48" with grill & griddle (mostly because I'd like the smaller second oven. Any comments would be appreciated.

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Yes, I have had the new GE Monogram 36" with the grill for over a year- we got one of the first ones. I absolutely love it- have had no problems at all with it. The grill does get really hot- you will be cooking a lot on the low setting:) I wish it went a little lower temperature wise on the grill, but I do love using it. Our only problem is a very noisy GE Monogram fan- it sounds like an airplane taking off, and I need to use it, of course, whenever I am grilling. You will love this range!

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Another satisfied user here. We have a 48" dual fuel with 6 burners and a grill.

If you have the room, it's nice to have the larger range that has two ovens; I often use both.

It's a very good range. The biggest difference between it and the Wolf are open vs. sealed burners. You'll find proponents of each, and you have to decide which you prefer.

As bonton said, the grill gets seriously hot. In fact, my only complaint is that there is not as much adjustment available to the temperature on the grill as I would like. The "low" setting heats up to between 400-450 degrees after only 5 to 10 minutes on preheat. We cooked some thick steaks on it last night - 5 minutes per side for medium rare. This grill is so hot, I can't imagine what you'd ever want to cook on the "high" setting. It does require excellent ventilation, with a remotely located blower if you want to keep the noise level down.

We opted not to get a griddle because we rarely use one -- and when we do, we can just place one on top of the burners.

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I want that 48" with the companion oven and grill soooooo badly. But, the kitchen guy last week just told me it would be hard to get the right sized duct for it in the interior wall in which the range would be located. So, now I'm considering other variations--maybe the 36" with the grill.

As for Wolf vs Monogram--I can't speak personally, but the appliance guy said he used to steer people to Wolf but after attending a GE Monogram "seminar" and learning all about it, he thinks it has better features than the Wolf and is now what he recommends, esp. the 48".

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We have the 48" range with griddle and grill and love it. We use the grill a lot. I haven't noticed its tendency to cook hot but that is probably due to the way I use it. I have used it exclusively with thicker beef cuts (filets mostly) and like to sear them for a couple of minutes on each side before putting them in a cast iron skillet in the oven for another 10-12 minutes. Cleaning is a breeze as long as you don't expect to get it looking like new again.

For ventilation, we use a 1500cfm external blower. You feel the hairs on your arms start to rise when it's on full blast but you sure won't ever smell any smoke in the house. I believe we could have easily gotten away with a 1200cfm unit. But we also have a very short straight duct run. If you have any bends, getting a stronger blower might be nice if you intend to grill a lot.

We use the griddle but much less than the grill. One problem with the griddle is size. We have a stand-alone plug in griddle that allows us to cook 50% more pancakes at a time (and is teflon coated as well). That having been said, the convenience of having the griddle without having to drag out yet another appliance is nice.

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We are considering the 48" Monogram Range. I have read that pro style ranges can take a long time to preheat. Those of you who own the new 48" Monogram - how long does it take to preheat to 400 degrees? Thanks for the help.

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Are you talking about the oven (and not the grill or griddle)? If so, the main over doesn't take any longer to preheat than our older non-pro oven (which was a stand-alone unit and not part of a range). However, one nice thing about the 48 inch ranges is that you get a much smaller side oven that will be sufficient for most oven uses (it will hold a full sized pyrex dish). That oven heats up much quicker than any oven I have ever worked with before.

But as to exact times, I haven't the faintest clue. If I remember, I will measure the heating times this evening after I get home from work.


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Ditto what Jay said. We use the smaller oven most of the time for just the two of us. The larger oven is handy for larger dishes and when entertaining. It might take a little longer to warm up than the (medium size) Thermador wall ovens at our main home, but it's not inexorably long -- especially considering how huge the oven is.

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I too am considering a 36 in with a grill.
The only problem is that I live in an apartment, so i do nor know if i can have one with no ventilation.
I need help/advise in this area. Plz

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Dear bdbest, I would strongly advise against a 36" pro-style grill like the GE Monogram with a grill if you can't install an good quality vent hood (not re-circulating).

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I have a 36" Monogram dual-fuel w/grill I installed in 2007; I think it is a very good unit. I realize the new models have changed; mine is the older DCS-style.
You cannot ever have enough hood capacity with the grill. Get the biggest hood with the largest fan. My hood is 27" deep and 42" wide, but I cheaped-out with the 1000CFM internal fan; shoulda got the 1400 CFM external.

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Anyone that's had the 36" GE dual fuel Monogram for a year or more still happy with it? Would purchase again? I'm looking at the griddle version.

Other suggestions on hood types, CFMs would be appreciated.

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I am looking at a 36" GE Monogram but using six burners vs. four plut the grill or griddle. I have an outdoor grill I use for grilling and have a portable griddle I can put on top of the range for the rare times I need a griddle. Am I oversimplifying this and should I consider the grill or griddle with four burners?

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I'm also about to pull the trigger on a 48" monogram and wonder about griddle or not. We'll have a gas grill just outside the kitchen, and my wife grew up with an old Jenn-Air with a grille (that she HATED cleaning). So the question is whether or not the griddle will be good for weekend pancake duty or if a griddle pan paid on the burners would be just as effective.

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