Pewter coffee pot

prisAugust 23, 2010

One more, then I'm through.

I have a pewter coffee pot given me by my MIL for Christmas in the late 70's. I found the exact one on an auction site that gives the mfg date as 1801 to 1900. I was hoping to narrow it down a little more than that. Here is a link to the auction site and below to pictures of mine. These were taken with the same bad camera and lighting but should be good enough to tell that the auction example is the same. Since I'm not selling it, the price is not all that important although a ballpark figure would be nice.

There is a mark on the inside bottom of the pot. It's oval in shape and has what appears to be a ships wheel in the center. "H. Amsing" is curved over the wheel and "Groningen" is curved under it.

The auction site is a 'pay per view' and I'm not sure they have any more info other than price. So, am not willing to pay for a peek at the unknown. I'm just trying to pass along pertinent info so the eventual recipient will have a better idea of what they have.

here's the auction site:



Here is a link that might be useful: Pewter coffeepot

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Here's a link to a completed auction. On page 68

European, 19th Century. Small size and bulbous form
on three cabriole legs. Dome lid. Wood finial and ball
feet. Touch mark "H. Amsing, Groning--". Minor dent. 13

Here is a link that might be useful: Garths Jan. 08

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Groningen is a town in the Netherlands, so it's a Dutch piece. Finding out when "H. Amsing" was active might help you.

Nice piece, BTW.

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Thanks guys,

I did search H. Amsing and Groningen and found a lot of Amsings in Groningen and a lot connected to pewter works but none with a first name beginning with H. I was hoping to be able to tie the name to a more specific time frame but so far no luck. I'll keep looking.

Thanks for the link Ideefix. I'll check it out now.

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Berend Amsing, pewter. Born 1819, died 1888 in Groningen
His son:
Harm Amsing, pewter. Born 1849, died 1930 in Groningen
His son:
Berend Amsing, pewter. Born 1880, died 1965 in Groningen
The shop existed until middle 1980�s as I can remember.

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Thank you so much, Bert. That gives me a full name and approximate time. That with ideefixs' estimated cost gives me something to pass on the whoever of my heirs decides to take this piece.

Again, thanks to all who responded.

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The Dutch word for this item is: Kraantjeskan. If you google this you find loads of hits. An estimate of 150 to 200 USD would be the price as it is a work of a well known pewter. I have one almost the same, but complete (and with cream and sugarbowl, teapot and spoonvase) Here they sometime sell for 25USD or less, due to the fact that there are so many, and people do not like them. Ours is still being used.

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And it is NOT a chocolatepot, as it is often discribed. It is for coffee.

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