What kind of slag glass? What is it? Era? Worth anything?

Katrinka_FidoAugust 16, 2011

I'm stumped again. Cant find another like it to know what it is besides cute. Light can be seen through the glass between the crimpled edges and center circular area. Approx 5" diameter. Center is just slightly larger than a votice candle-I wouldnt think that was it's purpose. No marker mark that I find. What is it?Any idea when made? Any value? Thanks in advance.

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Can't tell how deep the center "bowl" is, and as anyone will tell you... I don't know diddle about ceramics or glassware, but looks like an amateur ashtray to me.

Very nice hue though!!

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Only 1/2" depth, cant be ashtray or cigs would be resting on whatever it sat on-the crimped edges are angled down.

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Like I said.. I don't know diddle about this kind of thing. The colors, hue, and textures are VERY attractive to me, though. Would really look wonderful next to my deep mahogany humidor!!

Wouldn't be shocked at all if my initial conception of an amateur ashtray turned out to be a $10,000 obscure piece of Americana history.

Then again, I've been caught once before using my great grandmothers commemorative spoons to stir my coffee... so I might be a bit of a heathen :-)

No help to the OP I realize, but I would buy it.

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What's that dark spot in the 2nd picture? Is it a sticker?
Or could your piece have been something like the piece linked?
Linda C

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Sometimes I get in a hurry!

Here is a link that might be useful: Art deco piece....

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Maybe a salt cellar or perhaps a small nut dish?

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The dark spot on the bottom is in the glass-not a sticker. lindac the link site item was close but was a uniform opaque not a slag. The other 165 items of slag had NOTHING even close(vases, lamp shades,etc) which seems to be what I find just googling slag glass. googling salt cellars I find nothing like it.Did I assume wrong & it isn't slag? Nothing even close on ebay either. I'm going through mom's estate & ALOT of unknowns. Still open for any suggestions.

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