Wolf range questions and induction q's

cardsfan1February 8, 2013

Doing a reno with new kitchen.
Debating range.

1. Induction range owners (only purchasers within last two years): likes, dislikes, brand recommendation, any buzzing/humming?

2. Recent Wolf 30" or 36" range owners (bought within last year or two): likes, dislikes, problems, reliability? Thoughts about DF vs AG? Those w the 6 burner 36": is it a bit cramped?

Thanks much all!

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Why on Wolf ranges do you only want the time frame of the last year or two? The DF hasn't changed I at least 5 years or longer. On the other hand The AG just changed to sealed burners like the DF. You can still find the older ones but the semi open burners are on the way out.

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Hey cardsfsn, I'm the owner of an Viking induction range about 7 months old .. I luv my range and I have no dislikes !! Let me just say the humming is a reactionary function of the type of pan and the volume of ingredients , but really it's a non issue that should not be part of your decision process ... There are many great discussions on this forum about induction ... You need to try and demo to fully appreciate ... Yes they boil water incredibly fast , but it's the reaction time to the heat controls that is truly amazing ...

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I don't know about the humming, but I'm pretty sure only Kitchenaid induction clicks annoyingly. And my Tramontina TriPly pots, which buzz on my KA, apparently don't buzz on other brands. Avoid KA.

But induction is heaven: responsive, easy to clean, cooler to cook over. When not in use, the cooktop is extra counter space. I'd take even my clicking KA induction over any gas cooktop any day (but I don't use a wok).

Some things to consider when choosing between induction ranges: hob configuration, size and power; how the controls work and where they are; timers and safety features.

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I have had the 36" AG Wolf for about 1.5 years. I love it...and in no way feel cramped. I had planned on the 48" but my builder talked me into the 36" to give more space on either side of the range, and I think that was a good call. I just cooked and baked for a party for 35 people and found it to be plenty of burner space. Usually I only had 4 burners going at a time. I love the simmer on it and the high end is plenty for me. i know a lot of people love the very high flame for searing, but I use my outdoor grill for that even in the cold winter months. I prefer to keep the mess and smells outdoors.

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