Hair scent/freshener (buy or make)

LibbyLizNovember 30, 2003

Has anyone seen a hair scent/freshener on store shelves or a recipe of such that I could make myself using essential oils, etc., minus alcohol which would tear up my already beyond dry hair?

If you don't know of the product I'm talking about, it's a hair mist/perfume to get rid of the smell of tobacco smoke, cooking odors, etc. It's like Febreze for hair.

Many years ago I found one by L'Oreal at a Wal-Mart or Drug Emporium, but I haven't seen it since. I did a web search & couldn't find one for L'Oreal, so they must've stopped making it. But I found The Body Shop has one, yet the closest one of their stores to me is a 2-1/2 hour drive away in Memphis & they don't sell their stuff on-line yet.

I've looked in all our local stores & haven't been able to find anything other than spray-on/leave-in hair conditioner or regular body/perfume/cologne spray.

Many thanks in advance for any/all replies!

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I'm not sure if they still sell it but I know Salon Selectives used to have one, I think it was called Air it out and if I remember right it was a greenish or a blueish color? It probably does have alcohol in it though. I did buy it once and really liked it because it had a nice smell but I don't remember it drying my hair out any because I really didn't need to spray too much on. Just a few squirts and a quick brushing made my hair smell great and I am a smoker so I know how it can get in your hair.

Now I just use a few sprays of perfume or some type of body spray or even a leave in conditioner or detangler and brush through if I want to freshen up my hair. Of course nothing freshens hair up like a good shampooing! I shower and wash my hair daily sometimes twice a day (especially in the summer!) so its not too much of a problem for me but sometimes, especially after getting out the car that I or someone was smoking in, I can just tell if someone will be close enough to be smelling my hair I need to do something about it!

Sorry I probably wasn't much help! I hope you find something that works well for you and please let me know if you do or if you find the Salon Selectives one it may be worth a try.

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I'll look for the Salon Selectives line tomorrow while Christmas shopping at Wal-Mart. Thanks for the tip!

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I sometimes spritz my cologne in my hands and run my hands through the sides of my head and bangs for a quick freshening up.

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Well, the stores I've been to aren't selling the one by L'Oreal nor Salon Selective. I haven't been able to find them on the web either, so maybe they aren't being made anymore. I even asked in a hair salon if they carry such a product & was told no. *sigh*

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It looks like The Body Shop carries such a product. I did a search on Google for hair fresheners and found this review. A few other brands came up as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: hair freshener

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the coctail waitresses I know all use Febreeze half-and-half with water- it's evidently, the only thing that works- everyone else has made them, but they never come back the next year.

lavander, rosewood, and cedar are the three scents I use on my hair- both as a spritz, and liberally added to the grapeseed oil I dose it with every few weeks (I have very long, coarse hair, so everything past my shoulders needs the oil)

corn starch is the ultimate 'quick fix' for oily hair at the roots, though- I only wash my long hair every 10 days or so, and I keep a shaker full in the bathroom - shake, massage, towel, brush.

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My friend just sprays her hair with the perfume she's using and then brushes.

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They don't sell it on-line though, so I'll have to give them a call to see if they'll sell it to me that way. Otherwise I'd have to drive 2.5 or 3 hours to their nearest store.

Can you tell me the amounts of EO verus distilled water or whatever you mix your essences with to make the spritz?

mitch, jenny, & yellowhair,
I can't use anything containing drying alcohols since my hair's curly & tends to be on the dry side.

Also, I can't brush it without it frizzing like Bozo the Clown.

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Libby, I'd say 15 drops of rosewood, and five each of sandalwood and lavander in this batch... but it's never the same, and I've been known to dump half an ounce of lavander oil in a spritz-hairspray-sized bottle, I use the filtered water from my tap (it's neither too hard, not too soft) and about 3 drops of hand soap to get it all to blend...

but that's something that you really need to judge for yourself... based on how sensitive your skin is to certain oils (I know a lot of people who are far more allergic to citrus oils than I am...and I'm the only person I know who can put rosewood essence on their skin neat) and how fine your hair is (mine's pretty coarse, and absorbs everything without a trace- in another post I mentioned that my 'deep conditioner' is coconut oil)

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Its L'Or�al studio senses. The cool scent. or

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