Filtered water thru faucet

meobFebruary 20, 2012

We would like to avoid buying a s/s frig with a water & ice dispenser but we drink water all day. Are there any new faucets or means to get filtered water from the sinK? I realize this would mean we would still need to go to the frig for ice? Any suggestions?

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The number of choices is incredible. Consideration begins by what you want filtered. Is your water OK but just doesn't taste right? Chlorine issues? What?

Choices range from simple particulate filter through charcoal up to RO units at the top....and there are vast ranges of capacity and quality and price throughout.

Might try over at the plumbing forum. That's where most of the filtration mavens hang out.

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We have filtered water at the sink with a GE SmartWater undersink system. Used to have an RO, but the wasted water bothered us (we live in high desert country and everybody's very water-conscious as droughts happen every 5-7 years). When it died we went to the undersink system.

GE makes 3 different filters at various price levels. We use the mid-priced filter and are extremely pleased. It's amazing how much easier it is to remember to drink water when it's right on tap, and so much more economical than buying bottled water with all the resulting plastic waste.

For us it was a decision based on taste; our water is actually pretty good from the municipal system.

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I use a GE filter on the cold water line under my cleanup sink. I love it because I don't have an extra faucet at the sink, meaning I didn't have to spend on the faucet and don't have it cluttering up my clean counter/sink area. The filter system was about $50 at HD, and the replacement filters are a fraction of that.

My water is good quality (used to be a beer made here based on the excellent water in the area), but I just don't like the taste so filtering out "bad" things wasn't an issue.

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meob, the big thing to decide early on is how much flow you want. A filter slows the flow of your normal tap water. There ARE a few filters that can produce a 2 gpm flow (high enough for a regular kitchen faucet). They are big in size.

as asolo mentioned, the choices are huge. Use flow as your first selection criterion.

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I installed an Aqau Pure under sink filter - on the cold water side - both sink and icemaker. The cartridge is for both sediment and taste (activated charcoal) - the filter is about the size of a quart milk bottle. It's good for about 1,500 gallons - for the two of us 9 months to a year.

I'm sure a plumber has access to these - I bought mine at Grainger.

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There is only a very, very slight decrease in water flow from my GE filter. I didn't notice it until someone asked me about it directly so I did an experiment with both my sinks that both have the same faucet. The only difference that I can tell is that the cleanup sink has the filter. The very slight decrease in flow was only visible to me doing this comparison. I never even noticed it when using the cleanup sink as it has ZERO impact on the function of the sink.

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I should have said that the slight water pressure difference is only apparent when only the cold water is turned on. The hot water pressure is not affected at all.

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