LG service issues?

scpalmettoFebruary 3, 2014

In looking for a new refrigerator both independent appliance store salespeople and those at the big box stores are steering me away from LG because of problems they have experienced recently getting service. Customers who bought LG are coming back and complaining to the stores about how unresponsive the manufacturer is to complaints. My own appliance repair person says he has a devil of a time getting parts in a timely manner from them.

Are things that bad really? I had my heart set on LG but I can't chance being without one for weeks waiting for a part if that ever became necessary.

Your thought would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I'm in the same boat. I was looking at the LG LFX31945. Amazon has some pretty scathing reviews but the feedback on AJ Madison seems pretty positive. The biggest complaint seems to be the ice maker and the general lack of response when it comes to service.

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You may want to call LG and find out who us an authorized repair dealer in your area. Repair people who are not authorized repair dealers may have a hard time getting parts. Dealing with LG, on a whole is better than dealing with Samsung

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I have personally spoken with 2 different LG authorized repair persons and they both smiled and suggested I look at different brands. They say they just can't get the parts.

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