deep conditioner for dry damaged hair

LibbyLizNovember 13, 2003

I have very dry spots on the back of the head from sleeping & from where the sun beat down from bending over working in the lawn & gardens over the years.

I've gone in for salon deep conditioning. I've tried all sorts of products at home (i.e., TCB, Aussie Moist, Dove, Aura Cherry Almond Bark, plus many salon types, with a shower cap), but those are only temp. fixes for part of the day.

I've heard how mayo. is a great homemade deep conditioner, but I've never tried it. Today I found a mayo. & avacado recipe on-line & might give it a try.

Does anyone have any recommendations, ideas, tips, recipes, etc., for me?

Thanks in advance for any/all replies!

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Cutting your hair is sometimes the best way to help it. If that is out of the question, try using a leave-in styling aid (not a treatment) which will make your hair visibly shinier and more pliable. The absolute best one I've found is called Threads (by Sebastian). Another incredible treatment (which I use as a leave-in) is called Bee Healed, which is only available at the John Barrett Salon in NYC. Good luck!

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I'm not sure I understand. Is it your scalp or hair that is dry?

Conditioners are only going to do so much for hair. Cutting damaged hair, and preventing further damage is the solution. Using quality products and wearing a hat if necessary to protect hair when outdoors. If your hair is getting damaged from rolling in bed, then a silk pillowcase may help. brade hair if it is long enough. Sleeping on your back won't dry your hair out.

If the problem is scalp you can do a couple things to make it feel better. Before you shampoo make sure you brush your scalp well(a brush like Grandma used) to remove dead cells just like you do for a face. Always scrub your scalp with fingertips when you wash.

There is a product that I use to use for scalp treatments that is basically lanolin. Some people swore by it for scalp dryness. It is found in the pharmacy section of some stores (it can be hard to find). It is called Kolestrol. Divide hair into quarters and then starting at the intersection take diagonal partings about 1/4 inch apart and rub into scalp and massage into it. You can also sit under a dryer with heat, or apply a plastic cap and leave on for awhile. This will most likely be a temporary treatment though, that will make your scalp feel better.

The wrong shampoo can also dry out your scalp. For some people an irritated, itchy scalp benefits from the use of Tea Tree Shampoo...lice also dislike it from what I've heard clients say, per their dermatologists.

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Another thought is something like Sebastian Laminates. I believe one of the helpful ingredients in them is silicone to help smooth out frizzy or damaged hair. They carry an entire line of shampoos and conditioners. It is hard to say what would work on your hair though without actually seeing it. Perhaps some type of shine spray (silicone) may help the appearance of a section of hair if it is frizzy. Just use cautiously or it will also get limp, especially if the rest of your hair is naturally slick.

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It's my hair that's dry & damaged. See the subject line & info about deep conditioning in the body of the post? :-D

I had a satin pillowcase that I used a lot. It fell apart from too many washings. I've been forgetting to get another & a spare this time.

I won't get that section of hair cut out. It's right in the middle back of my head & my hair is just below my shoulders. That patch is like straw though, so something needs to be done.

My hubby said I'm a very restless sleeper, so part of the dryness & damage has to be from sleeping wrong. I sleep on my left side too, but there's no damage to the hair there.

What might also contribute to my hair being the way it is, is that it's layered long & naturally curly of fine to medium texture (& med/dark blondish with natural red highlights).

I don't think I can use Tea Tree or Mint anything. My skin turned red & felt like it was on fire when I used anything with those ingredients.

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Hi Libby,

Yes, I saw the subject line but as I was reading the post I wasn't sure.

We like to think conditioners are miracle cures, but they just aren't. They will make our hair feel better, some coat it, and other will strengthen and repair somewhat, but if it is split it will continue to split until the hair is cut off.

Having said that I've seen hair like yours on people that cared for their hair properly and it still had a rough streak in the back. I'm not sure what the reason is for that unless it is the hair follicle itself and the way it grows. It seemed to show up on hair that is not a smooth texture to begin with.

When the cuticle layer of the hair is damaged due to roughing it up, chemicals, etc it no longer protects the hair from sun and wind damage etc. The best you can do is put something on it faithfully to protect it from more damage. I have put a clear coat/glaze on the hair and it tightens down the cuticle and makes the hair look better even though it is damaging it slightly. It might be worth discussing with your hairdresser if you have your color professionally done. It would be a clear glaze over the color. If you do your own color, make sure you aren't pulling the color through your ends or it is damaging every time. Many glazes are a very low or no ammonia/peroxide product and I'm not even sure if they are available to the public. I wouldn't attempt that on your own. Again, without seeing your hair it would be hard to predict an outcome.

I would see if you can't get a small amount of the Laminate products and see if that might help things. It is designed to define, and add shine to curly hair. I'd do a word search for Sebastian Laminates. There is a full line, and perhaps you could find something that would help you. I'm sure there are other lines that are similar, but I'm not aware of them.

Best of luck

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I've seen the Sebastian line of Laminates, but thought them a little steep for price. I've always bought Biolage, Paul Mitchell, Kerapro, Redkin, & other less expensive salon brands. I've also tried Apple Pectin & Regis brands.

I rarely to occasionally use anything purchased at WalMart (i.e., Aussie, Dove, & TCB). I never use Suave or any of those other under a dollar brands.

I don't color my hair. Very rarely do I blowdry my hair & when I do, I use my Ion dryer on low.

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I've been dealing with very dry ends as I have been letting the last color job grow out. The best thing I've done is I stopped using the hair dryer unless I just MUST. But if that's not possible, the best product I've used is FrizEase shampoo, conditioner, and leavin-in serun. The price is reasonable, too. I have found the best buy for it at Target. I have gotten the silkiest, softest results from it over anything else I've used.

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Try the mayo conditioner. Put it on your hair, especially where the dry areas are------leave it in for half an hour. Make sure you have enough to saturate all of the hair.

I've tried mayo as a conditioner, worked fine. You will need to wash it really good, like twice, to get the mayo out. I bet it would help your hair the first time you try it.

PS Some of those cheaper Wal-mart brands rank right up there with the expensive ones.

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Mastey makes a deep conditioner that's really effective.

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coconut oil from the health food is what I used on my husband when we first me- his hair's appallingly curly if left to run wild, and I'm a recovered color addict myself, so I know all about dealing with fried hair.

I keep a spray bottle of grapeseed oil and water (half and half, with a 1/4 teaspoon of detergent to emulsify them) for both of us, and our hair just drinks it in.

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I think I have the dryness under control, at times. I switched shampoos & conditioners, going back to the good stuff since I found a large & a small combo set on clearance.

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i had extremely long hair! i shaved my head! yep hubby wasny impressed but darn if it is soft as silk and now im scared because it looks like its going to be curly!!!

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I had a perm that fried my hair once, & the miracle drug I used was Aussie Three Minute Miracle.

It washes out with every shampoo, but it's just wonderful in between.

Best luck!


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The absolute best deep treatment IMO is Ouidad Deep Treatment. It's pricey but it works. You won't have to use it very often. You put it on and condition using heat. Second choice would be Loreal Nature's Therapy Mega Moist. This comes in a yellow tub and you can get it at Sally's. You can get a trial size packet at Sallys to make sure it's what you need. HTH

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I got some Queen Helene's Cholesterol on the recommendation of someone from

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I use the L'Oreal Nature's Therapy that whazzup uses. I did a lot of internet searching for the best conditioner after my DD colored her fine hair and was unable to get a comb through it using any other product. You don't need to use a lot of the product either, so the tub lasts a long time.

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