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usmcruzNovember 6, 2008

hi gang!,

i've been weight lifting now for about 3 years and am currently thinking about entering in some contest's. does anyone here weight lift competitively?

i've included a few pics.

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You're looking great but I think you need to post this on the exercise forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Exercise & Nutrition

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Do you want to do weight lifting contests or bodybuilding contests? I ask because it's not clear why you posted pictures when asking about weight lifting. For WL - your body structure and how you look really isn't important, it's what you can lift in the various events that counts. If it's BB you're interested in, body structure and how you look is everything and for that, you need minimal body fat to allow the muscle structure to show.

My DH used to do competitive bodybuilding. Weightlifting is the means to attain the proper body and muscle structure but how much weight you lift to get there doesn't matter. Diet is a big part of BB - and right before a contest, it's critical.

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