Bob Haircut

arizonaroseNovember 12, 2008

I just got a new hair cut.It's buzzed up in the back with the sides longer...almost chin length on the sides. No bangs. It's so easy.

Is this stylish or out of style? Seems like it's been around a long time. Does anyone else on here have their hair cut this way?

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An A-line bob? Very cute, seems to flatter everyone. I think you're right in style.

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barnmom , thanks for your reply. I haven't seen anyone in this area with this cut so was wondering. There are a lot of websites showing it, maybe it's a regional thing. I'm thinking maybe I need some bangs...the hair in the face is a little annoying at times.

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I've been noticing more people with that kind of cut lately. Sounds cute.

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The bob has been around for centuries.It has always been in style in some form another.It has recently had a huge come back in Hollywood for some reason.Celebs like Katie Holmes and Jenny Mccarthy have jumped on the bob bandwagon.Posh spice has also created a version of the bob people are calling the POB now too.
It can be awkward to grow out and loses shape rather quickly needing frequent trims.
But is a classic and does flatter most people's face shape.

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I wear my hair in a bob like that. Around here the hairdressers call it a 'forward diaganal cut'. It seems everybody is wearing some version of a bob these days. If you want bangs check out the Katies Holmes version of a banged bob. That one seems to be growing in popularity.

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