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MarieinCltFebruary 10, 2012

I am new on this forum and am so grateful to all that have taken the time to contribute. I have spent a lot of time on here...okay can be very addicting. My husband and I love to cook. But I have to say that delicate sauces are not in our vocabulary...yet! We are doing a major kitchen remodel, tearing down a wall and enlarging the kitchen with a large walk in pantry. I have not seen some of these appliances so I am having a hard time deciding, so any comments and suggestions would be very appreciated!

RangeTop: Blue Star or Capital Cullinarian 36" with 6 burners (we grill year round outside and don't need a griddle) I have seen the BS but not the CC)

Wall Oven : single Blue Star gas with French door. I really like the French doors but read a lot of negatives about the BS door getting very hot and complaints about customer service issues. Looking into the Gagganeau or Capital 30 inch.

Speed oven: Miele Master Chef

Dishwasher: Miele Futura

I still need to research hood inserts.

Looking forward to cooking on any of these! Thanks!

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The BS/CC burners have been discussed to death .....

BS customer service seems to have really improved the last year or so don't think that is a pressing issue.

The hot oven doors are on the ranges not the French Door. I don't recall reading a review on the BS French door wall oven. You may also want to look at the American Range French door wall oven because it has co-dependent doors.You can open and close both doors with one hand.

For hood insert you want to look at the Prestige Power Pack.

I have never cooked in Capital wall ovens and I don't know how well the moist assist feature works but below are 30" double ovens 20% off UMRP with free shipping.

As you have already read the Gagg ovens are fantasic.

Miele speed ovens and dishwashers are fantastic as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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Thanks, I'll check into the hood insert. Having only cooked on a Jenn Aire gas down draft cooktop, I am most looking forward to cooking on an open flame range. You are so right, there has been a huge debate between the BS and CC. Now I am confused even more, but I am guessing I will be happy with either one. It looks like I should give Trevor at Eurostove's a call.

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