eyebrows - another question

calilooNovember 29, 2004

I hate to sound stupid... but what color are your eyebrows supposed to be?

I have always had very fine blonde hair(until recently when some grey started showing up here and there) and have always had very fine blonde eyebrows. On the occassional trip to Merle Norman (or other make-up seller) I have let the sales people do the "free make-up demo" which usually includes them putting some sort of brown-ish pencil in my brows to make them more noticeable. I usually don't do the brow pencil when I do my make-up because I think it makes me look a little like Tammy Faye, but whatever... I got the impression that brows were supposed to be a bit darker than the hair on ones head.

So a few days ago I went to get my hair cut and colored (covering the few greys that are coming in....) and the stylist brings the in-house aesthetician over so they can decide what color my brows should be dyed. I thanked them and said that it wasn't necessary, that I had several pencils at home I could use if I wanted my brows darker. They both got horrified looks on their faces and said my brows had a few greys too and should be lightened to match my hair - not made darker! I suggested an alternative might be to pluck the few grey eyebrow hairs so they would no longer be distracting and they agreed that was an acceptable solution.

However.... when I asked them why they recommended lightening my brows rather than pencil, they both said that eyebrows should be no more than 1/2 shade darker than the hair on your head (I was going a shade lighter than my own hair). I had never heard that before and it contradicts all the make-over advice I've ever gotten - which was to use pencil or shadow with a chisel brush - to create more noticeable eye-brows if they are light.

So - what color are your eye brows supposed to be?


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I spent most of my life with very blond hair and dark brown eye brows. My brows are lightening and thinning and I color them with a Clinique blond pencil....or Clinique powder in a light brown shade.
One of the most photogenic women I ever knew went white very early but her brows remailed dark....and eventually went salt and pepper in hr 90's. One of her daughters has inherited her same coloring...lucky girl!
Eyebrows should show....they are your most expressive feature.
I know another woman....about 50 with very light blond hair and brows to match....she almost disappears!
Linda C

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I lied!....the blond pencil is made by Mary Kay.
Linda C

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I agree that your eyebrows should show. My hair is quite salt & peppery at this point & I use Lancome's "Taupe" eyebrow pencil which I really like. Instead of the usual waxy consistency of brow pencils, this one is magically a powder!? When you sharpen it, you don't end up with a curled piece of pencil coming out of the sharpener - a fine powder falls from the sharpener. Very neat. Also, IMHO, I think you shouldn't make your brows any darker than they need to be to show up & make a nice frame for your eyes. I mean we all remember Pricilla Presley in the 60's! YIKES! the great big, black brow look is not a good one.

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If your hair is blond, your brows should be a little darker but not a deep brown or black. Just enough to show up well. I think the aesthetician was wrong. Also, I would NEVER get my brows dyed. It's getting dye a little too close to the eye for my comfort.

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Having your eyebrows dyed is safe if the technician uses the vegetable dyes sold in europe. I have pale pale brows and get them dyed so I you can find them. In summer I have my lashes dyed too. Never had a problem.

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Geez, what is it with CF folks hanging around here! :-)

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My hairdresser dyes my eyebrows to go with my dyed deep red hair. He does go mix up something else but what I do not know.

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we liked to look nice while we cook ...hahahaha

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Jesse.....we're spying on you!!!
Digging in my "pencil mug" and found a very nice blond pencil by Mabeline....like it better than Clinique or Mary Kay...
If I decide to go red.....would I need to go red in the eyebrows too???...EWW! Think a nice strawberry blond.....sort of a "pomeranium honey" would work fine.
Linda C

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The eyebrow is subtle, just a hint. My hairdresser has made my hair a deep red. My natural color in the darkest area is dark brown. This deep red is different than the last red he did and might be too dark. I'll see if it fades a bit. Sometimes I let him get too creative!

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Ooooh, Barnmom, deep red! How daring of you (or of him:). I like red.

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Ohhhh, is it that sexy Burgundy color BarnMom?

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Yes, cherry cola red he calls it. Can't post pics here, though.

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You have my email!

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Ok, talked me into it! Redheaded me coming your way!

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Ok, talked me into it! Redheaded me coming your way!

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Thanks, BarnMom!

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Hey BarnMom, you know you can post it in the gallery over in cooking. Please post it!

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I suppose this is one of those "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder things" I was trained that the brows should be 1-2 shades darker. Truly it is a matter of personal taste.

I think a good rule is tone compatablility. If your hair is warm, your brows should have some warmth too. If you hair is cool, your brows should be cool as well. A blonde with brown eyes may look better with a darker brow than a blue eyed blonde.

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Do NOT pluck your grey eyebrow hairs. Plucked often enough, eyebrow hairs do not grow back in. I dye my own eyebrows with a kit I bought at the beauty supply. I also will touch them up with a somewhat stiff brush and brown eyeshadow.

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I have really blonde eyebrows, you can't even see them. I'm very insecure about them and want to dye them. I color them with a pencil but it just never seems to stay and I feel like it just doesn't look right. Any suggestions?? Should I just ask my hair dresser or can I do it myself? I've mentioned it to my hair dresser before and she said it's more of a nuisance than it's worth...BUT I'm sick of no eyebrows...I MUST DO SOMETHING! lol help please!

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Am I the only woman in the world (or at least in this country) who doesn't color her hair or her eyebrows??? :-) I prefer a natural look and I don't want to add any color. My hair is red fading to strawberry blonde with natural blonde highlights that blend with the grey. (I've been called "a blonde" several times in recent years.) My eyebrows are light brownish-blonde and not very noticable. But, I don't care! Am I weird? If I suddenly started making my eyebrows darker, everyone would know they are not really that way.

All of my friends and female relatives color their hair. A couple of friends were shocked to learn I don't add a drop of color to mine. I don't think I ever will. I don't want to start something I'll have to keep up... and I like my hair as it is.

If I do add color to my eyebrows, I do it for formal photographs (e.g. weddings) and I use an old mascara wand (brown mascara only) and just lightly brush it on. It looks very natural and just right for the photo.

Plain Jen :-)

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Jen, you're not alone. My mom will be 89 next month and she still colors her hair. It was always red and to tell you the truth I couldn't tell you when she started coloring it. But it's pretty obvious at this point in time. My nod to vanity is eye makeup and I'd rather not carry it any further than that. Thank God I have dark brows.


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Merle Norman makes "mascara" for eyebrows. I use it because mine are going grey. It works great if they aren't too thin, it just colors them but does not add any extra hairs like you can do with pencil or shadow. It has a different brush and is much lighter and thicker than mascara. I believe they call it brow sealer. It holds them in place too.

I know several women with very blond hair that have had their eyebrows tattooed. Looks great if done by a professional cosmetic tattooist.

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Help!!! My hair was just dyed a deep, rich red, but my eyebrows are dark brown! The hair color is beautiful... but my eyebrows don't really go with it. I need to know what color my eyebrows should be to enhance my hair and not make me look flat and washed out. I cant go and get them dyed, but maybe some light peroxide or something would lighten them, and i could use penicl or powder to color my brows. I just need to know... what color??!? I have fair skin, light-peachy, and honey brown eyes. If that helps...

please help me! If you want, (I'd really appreciate it) you can email me your response. xemostarz21@yahoo.com

thank you so much!

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i was told my eye brows are very coarse.and also i find that my brows grow up down and,they also stick out.and also some of them are grey,and very coarse.i cant seem to give them any kind of shape.could you please help me.thank you.

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