Ode to my Hairdresser

imagineaaNovember 24, 2008

IÂm so glad that I found a true artist to do my hair.

Someone whose need to quench her creative thirst outweighs what I want, what looks good on my face, whatÂs appropriate for my hair type, and common sense.

YouÂre not just someone who does what I ask. No, thatÂs not for you, youÂre not a lemming.

Even when you promise to, and repeat back verbatim my simple instructions before wielding your scissors on me. No, thatÂs not for you. Satisfying the customerÂthatÂs for professionals. YouÂre not a professional. YouÂre much better than that. YouÂre an artist.

YouÂre so full of yourself that you didnÂt bother to even apologize for shearing most of my hair off despite a clear instruction not to. Your desires are more important than me, I know.

IÂll be thinking of you fondly every time I try to style this cut that is inappropriate for my hair type and face shape.

IÂll be thinking of you fondly when I go and buy $100 worth of new products and styling implements. You so kindly didnÂt bother to instruct me on what to purchase and how to use to handle this monstrosity you created. Thanks.

IÂll be thinking of you fondly every time my neck freezes in the frigid wind.

IÂll be thinking of you fondly every time I walk by a mirror and recoil in horror.

IÂll be thinking of you fondly when I need every bit of self-confidence I have, and find it lackingÂespecially when I have to give speeches, teach classes, and attend holiday parties looking like a hairless little boy.

And I was thinking of you with the same fondness when I spent two days weeping after our interlude.

IÂm so glad you didnÂt concern yourself with the petty details of what the customer wanted, and werenÂt even the slightest bit apologetic afterwards.

It will only take 8 months to undo what you did, and itÂs my head you screwed with.

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Thank you for that awesome ode. After a year and a half with a stylist much like yours, I am back to cutting my own hair!

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Been there, fired him.

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purpleaa , that's just great! I've been there and done that too!

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I recently fired the hairdresser I've gone to for over 20 years because she has apparently become An Artist. She has been GREAT up until now, so I don't understand what happened.

When I objected to her using a razor to "finish" my hair, she assured me that it would look great. I ended up with BIG CHUNKS of hair hacked out! No matter how I styled it, it looked like an angry 2 year old had cut it.

I spent another $100 with two other stylists over the next month fixing it.

A month later, I went back to The Artist for color. (she can still do that quite well, and is very reasonable.) I stupidly let her trim it just a little. When she was done, and I objected to the way she cut the back, she replied "That's my signature cut!" Ummmm.....but that's not the cut that I WANT!!!!

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Well I'm glad my tirade was useful to you guys! I'm still SO angry. I can't believe someone could do such a thing.

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It is just sooooooo hard to find a good hair stylist these days.
I have been where you're at too many times to count,and that is why I also cut my own hair.Makes you wonder how these people can get certified so easy!

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I feel your pain. Just keep reminding yourself that in a year this will be just a bad bad memory.

Back in the 80s, when perms were fashionable, I requested a "body wave," and expressed to the "stylist" that my hair took curl really easily and that I didn't want my hair style to look too much different than it was -- just with body. She paid zero attention to my instructions and I walked out of their looking like a poodle. I was so horrified. It was a very long year of waiting for that monstrosity to grow out.

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I'm so sorry that your hairdresser didn't work with you and you ended up with a 'do you don't like.

My hairdresser and I have a different kind of relationship that has worked well for the last 2 years. I have just a few basic ground rules, such as it must be easy and fast to style, the color needs to be in the red family, and I like it somewhat edgy. She has been working within those parameters for the last 2 years, and every time I go in I get something completely different and yet also perfect for me.

For me, I had to stop trying to tell the stylists to do stuff that my hair just won't do. I used to pick out a magazine photo and ask the stylist to do that, and even it she did it perfectly it wouldn't necessarily work for my face or coloring or it would be a total PITA for me to do at home. Since Jessica knows my hair- how it's curly in humidity but flat in dry weather, how thin it is, where the colics are- it's easy for her to make a style that looks good on ME, no matter what the weather or how long I have to style it. Even though it is short, I can wear it so many different ways.

I like changing my hairstyle and color every time I go in, so it's always fun to see what Jessica comes up with. Heck, if I could completely change my hair every day, I would LOL!

Honestly, releasing control to the hairdresser is what makes my hair look so good. Obviously, that takes a GREAT hairdresser and I am very lucky to have found her.

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