Kitchen Aid/JennAir: range and oven

caro2004February 3, 2012


I picked out appliances the other day. I know that Wolf is awesome and I really loved the 36 inch range and a separate wall oven. I am not sure that I am as in love with the price!! :)

The lady that I was working with suggested that I look at Kitchen Aid or JennAir as alternatives/different price range.

My biggest worry: right now at my house I have a Wolf 36 inch range (6 years old) and love it. The oven is very quiet, slight noise of fan if it is on convection. My current wall oven is a Thermador (6 years old). I like it, but I hate the fan. It runs constantly while the oven is on and that kind of noise drives me crazy. My mother has GE Profile double ovens that are 5 years old and the fan on that is unbelievably LOUD. And it continues to run even after you have shut the oven off. It will run for another 45 mins or more depending on how hot the temp was that you were cooking on. At least my Thermador fan cuts off the minute you cut off the oven.

So, I initially said I would get the Wolf products b/c quiet fan noise if fan noise at all. But, this is for a second home and I am having a hard time swallowing that price pill.

Does anyone know anything about fan noise on the Kitchen Aid or JennAir? And I would be interested in any thoughts regarding these products in general. I don't have the item would be a dual fuel range and a wall oven. Or a gas cook top and I would buy two separate wall ovens (b/c I can't do double ovens due to space).

Thank you so much!!!

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Please help me! Does anyone have any experience with the noise level of these fans?
Thank you

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I can only speak about the Elux Icon oven as that is what I have, and I have not listened to other ovens sorry!

I can tell you the Elux oven is very quiet, close to silent, even when running convection. It vents warm air, not hot, out the front, but I can not hear the fan run.

Hopefully You can get to an appliance store where some might be hooked up and listen to them, keeping in mind that they will probably sound quieter in a show room than in your kitchen--due to the usually more noisy environment of a show room.

Good luck with your decisions, we still are not seeing a lot of "Positive posts" about KA ovens, so factor that in.

I'm assuming you are talking about an Electric wall oven?


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Yes, electric wall oven.
Thank you very much for your response. I will try to find somewhere that has oven that are working so I can listen to them. Great idea!
And thank you for the recommendation on the Elux Icon.

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