What color socks with sneakers

joann23456November 7, 2004

I rarely wear sneakers outside the gym, but on the rare occasion I wear them with jeans, what color socks you do all suggest. White? Dark blue? Something else? Doesn't matter?


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What color are your sneakers ?

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White sneakers call for white socks. I prefer the low cut ped-type ones, I think the look is neater.

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My sneakers are some high-tech walking shoe with a white background with some pattern in blue, yellow and gray. Okay, I think I'll continue wearing my white socks on the occasions I need to wear my sneakers outside the gym.


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Match socks with sneaker color. I have white, pink, navy, gray & blk & have matching socks for all.

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Is "sneakers" a regional term? :-) Here we call them tennis shoes or athletic shoes. Anyway, I wear them every day even to work. Sometimes I wear white socks and other times I like to wear socks that match the color of the shirt I'm wearing -- such as red socks and red sweatshirt. I think when it comes to jeans, anything goes as long as it is neat and modest.


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jogging shoe sneakers?
1) match the color of the body of the sneaker
2) match the accent color
3) contrast the accent color

flat 'ked' style (tennis) ?

why, the biggest, loudest socks you can find ;)

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