Waves and curls..WOW

patlyNovember 15, 2004

My hair is straight and medium texture.

I have always wanted more volume, waves and curls.

I saw somewhere info on the Caruso hair rollers.

So...I finally purchased it.

This am I washed my hair & did not use conditioner on it.

Then I waited til it dried and put in the Caruso curlers. Waited a 1/2 hour and took them out.

Guess what I saw?..yeah, curls and waves. Sprayed it all and hours later, they are still there.

Even my dh said, "you have a lot of hair", for him, that was a long conversation..lol.

Can't believe I can get this after so many years of flat hair. Nothing else has worked as well, and I have tried everything.

No, I do not own stock in this company.

Hmm, I'll have to do it again tomorrow, maybe it was a fluke?

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Let us know how it works tomorrow....Sounds like a great deal!!! Where did you get them?????
Thanks for the info!

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I own one and yes it works every time and tomorrow morning the waves will still be there. I don't own stock either :)

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How is Caruso different from other hot rollers? My hair is fine and thin.

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I bought it at a beauty supply store.

I am not sure why it works, but it is steam that heats up the foam rollers and then the plastic covering seems to hold the roller and the steam in til it is cool.

Because my hair is so straight, the cover holds the hair in place and firmly around the foam roller and prevents the hair from unrolling.

I did try it the next day, and yep, it still works.

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