Anyone knows about Strivectin SD?

buchik_27November 4, 2006

I need some tips from anyone who is using Strivectin SD stretch mark removal and any information you can share about this product. Thank you.

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Here's a link to a good site for skin product reviews. Click on the wrinkle/anti-aging products list. I decided to save the money after reading the review, so I've never tried it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Skin care product reviews

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HelloÂIÂm trying to search the same product too but if you want some info about it just click this link ... and check it to your self..


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I have used it. Not for stretch marks. I used it on my face. I can't say it made a difference for the price.

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My neighbor has used it for several months and swears it not only has prevented new wrinkles on her face, but has removed the ones already there. I got a sample when I shopped with her, but couldn't tell that it did much; maybe I didn't use it long enough.

It's expensive, so she buys it at a vitamin store that has half-price sales from time to time.

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I am surprised to hear the not so positive remarks of Strivectin SD. I have tried the same product from
It really worked for me and reduced the wrinkles on my face and made my husband want to dye his hair. :D :) Also, the best part is that it is affordable, less than $90 (I had bought it for around $80 last year). I find it better than Botox too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Strivectin SD

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I have used it on my eyes the past two months and I cannot tell a difference. :( Sort of sad. I wanted it to work. I don't have much to correct either. I thought it would help a little. I have been hearing really great things about Olay's new pro line and I think I am going to try that.

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It was a big mistake to buy StriVectin products. I had bought before a generic cream, said it was same quality of the original. This cream was very good, it cost only $20 I thought If the generic cream is good, the original will be much better. But it was not as well, the original cost much more and was good to the garbage. In addition I had read in a forum on the quality of these products, and were not good views, still I bought the products, more than $200. It is a fraud, please do not buy them.

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I also tried it and wasn't very pleased. I don't have many wrinkles but I thought it would be good for plumping those that I do have and it wasn't. I am much happier with Burt's Bees royal jelly day cream and night cream (which is still a fraction of the price for 2 items).

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