Silver tray identity~~?

flowermumAugust 5, 2010

I found this a few days ago and I absolutely love treasure hunting. It's probably not a treasure/silver but if anyone could help me identify this piece, I'd be so grateful.

I have googled but to no avail. What I love about this piece are the scenes. Each one is different and appears to tell a story.

The first pix is of the hallmark on the back. The letters and number below it are: Q C 5 g

The last letter looks like a (g) although it's not very clear.

The tray is an octagon and there are eight different scenes but I only posted a few of them.


Do you think it's copper instead or some other metal? Either way I truly love it.

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Its hard to tell if the colors in the photos are accurate. You may have photographed under incandescent light and that will shift the colors toward orange-red. If the colors are true, it seems to be copper or an alloy of copper, maybe bronze or red brass. I did not see a silver content indication in the hallmarks. I don't know hallmarks, but I'm sure the one you have is significant.

Test the piece with a magnet to discover if the base metal is ferrous or nickel. Hopefully, you have a solid alloy piece, but it could also be iron based with overplates or electroplated.

It is a lovely tray.

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Those are spurious hallmarks. It is silver plate. Pretty but not valuable.

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I see windmills ... Dutch silverplate tray.

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It's a lovely American made piece. I found the hallmark!
It was made by the Queen City Silver Company in Cincinnati.

GOOGLE the name - you'll find some more pieces - and a little more info on the company!

Nice Find!

Here is a link that might be useful: Queen City Silver Hallmark

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Also check it out on EBAY - I found some pieces - and the silverplate ain't cheap either!

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I suspect you were looking at buy it now auctions. Check completed sales....a silver plated tray in decent condition rarely sells for more than $20.
Linda C

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Doesn't matter does it Linda? I found other items on the 'net as well, some going for a nice price, some moderately priced.
And yes, just because someone has a high price on an item doesn't mean it will sell, or, that it is worth that requested price.

The fact of the matter is that the OP found a lovely tray that she likes and it may have some value - it may not. Don't be such a buzz killer.

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When someone asks a question, I try to give them a true answer and if they ask, my best assessment of the value. I don't try to create an inflated value for an item only to have the poster be disappointed when they try to sell.
The OP didn't ask if the piece was worth much, just wanted to know what it was.
It's a silver plated tray made by the Queen City Silver Company somewhere between 1888 and 1949, most likely during the latter years of that period.
It's nice, a good decorative piece but not worth much money.

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Thank you guys for all the help!

Bostonpac~~~I am so elated that you found the identity of the hallmark! How exciting. I am truly fascinated by the age of the piece.

I would never think to sell it, I only wanted to know the history. Of course, it would have been wonderful if it were a little valuable. But the history/age of the piece alone is valuable to me.

: )

thanks a million!

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Flowermum glad to be of assistance!

If you polish it up- I'd love to see a picture of the entire piece, How big is it? Are there any other markings on the back - if so - could you post them please?


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It's not a large tray. I guess it would be the size of a dinner plate. There are no other markings.

I haven't decided whether to polish it because I like the yellowish hue-looking color. It blends in with my decor. LOL

But I'd be happy to post a picture of the tray as is if you'd like.

Thanks again so very much!

Do you know based on your identification of the hallmark, I found the most interesting information at the below link: (I have a new-found hobby, hunting for more Cincinnati pieces.) I am truly grateful Bostonpac!

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