I got my belly button pierced..YIPPY

owataqtOctober 13, 2008

Hey all, I love reading, and just had to share with you I finally did it.. got my bb pierced.. and thought if any of you have been thinking about it.. it really didnt hurt.. I turned 40 and said what the heck... and did it.. okay bf, went and got a tattoo, and me got pierced..hehehe LOl Had my tummy tuck 11 months ago.. lost tons of weight and got a tummytuck and now wanted to say hello, and need to update my new look.. glad I found you all..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-Z-dCSaqvs

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I'm speechless. LOL!

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Why are you speechless? What was that youtube video?? I'm skeered to click it.

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It's tame. Go on, click it, I dare you! You'll want a tummy tuck, too! I do! I'll pass on the piercing, though. At almost 53, not many people would ever see it. Me, my kid, the dog, and eventually the mortician...

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I thought belly piercing was out like two years ago. No?

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yes it's very tame, I looked at it. I wish I had the courage to get a tummy tuck.

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