Lip & Brow Tatooing, pros & cons

calpatOctober 27, 2003

Advancing in age I find that my lower lip line has disappeared and I'm considering this procedure. Have you had any experience with cosmetic tatooing?

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I have 2 friends who have done it. One had eyes and brows done and one had eyes and lips done. The first friend claims that it faded after a while. The second friend had it done under a year ago. Her eyes look good but the color they used on her lips is too dark. They have different colors and tried to go with a "natural" browny color. But she's very happy and she looks fantastic in photos.

Both these friends are Asian with olive skin and black hair. I'd be very careful if I were fair, or find out some gals who've had it done who have your coloring, if possible.

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I saw a 20-20 show or some news show like that with the topic of makeup tatoos gone wrong. What a mess some women had. And they were unsuccessful correcting them even though they went through numerous procedures. I encourage you to rethink your makup method. Over the years, makeup styles change, but you will not be able to do so if it is permanent.

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I'm checking credentials very carefully and calling clients who have had this done. Thanks so much for your input!

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I've always wondered what happens when one side sags more than the other when things don't stay as perky.

I saw a show where they tatood a womans head because she was loosing hair. It looked great and filled it in. the little spots looked like hairs and you didn't see "scalp". I would just worry what happens if you change hair color.

I've heard they fade, but I don't know how much. I'd love to hear comments from anyone with answers to above. Tatooing is something I know little about.

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I just got a lot of info. from a friend who had her lips done and also talked with the lady who did it. Friend said that on the first session of tatooing, she had to apply anti-biotic cream for a day, then vaseline to keep her lips moist. After about a week, the color did fade and it was redone and the color held true. The lady who does this is a Registered nurse & got her training thru a program that plastic surgeons have, so she got certified. She interviewed me reg. health, medication and gave me a skin test "spot" tatoo on my scalp. Wait for a week to see if there is any reaction, good/bad. If I go thru with this I'll post experience & results if anyone is interested.

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I had an acquaintance whose mother had her eyebrows done. The color was weird. It was a greenish tone. Not at all natural looking.

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I had my eyebrows done twice.Each time the color faded.If I have them done again it will be black.I liked it but the color was not dark enough.

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I had my upper & lower eyelids done in sept and love it.. it looks very natural...even my eye doctor was impressed on how perfect the line was and not to thin or too thick.. she had been doing it about 5 yrs and even went through extra schooling to be sure before she started her practice.. I went through a friend who had her advice is to go by word of mouth not whos the cheapest..

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depends entirely on who does the work, really- this isn't something to be done by the nail salon, eh?

look for not just certification- but portfolio shots as well- an artist who is proud of her good work is your best bet...

I would tend to look for a female tattooist, rather than a plastic surgeon, who has done work in corrective work...but then, I've never met a female plastic surgeon, and I DO think we tend to have steadier hands (the best inkers I know are both women.)

and yes, they do fade- the more sun, the faster they fade- and the paler your skin, the softer the colour should be, so the more delicate it will be- but we should be wearing sunscreen anyway, shouldn't we?

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I'm a nurse and when a patient has an MRI done, he or she has to fill out a very long form that quizzes about having ANY metal in the body, like pins, shrapnel, etc. It's very dangerous to have an MRI with any metallic substance on or in the body. One of the questions is about tattooed eyeliner! I'd hate not to be able to have an MRI done if I needed it because the tattooer had used a metal based pigment. It might be something to ask them about when you are considering doing it.

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The older pigments had iron oxide in them.
The newer ones do not.

I had brows & lips done, & I love it.

The brows did turn a pinkish brown at first, due to the body absorbing some of the pigment, but the technician, who had warned me that this sometimes happens, corrected it, & I haven't had a problem since. This was nearly 3 years ago.

The way she explained it, the immune system tries to carry the pigment away; this is why your first application will pale. It isn't "fading", it's going deeper into the skin, & your 2nd application will correct this.

Be sure you get a licensed technician: there are a LOT of unlicensed people out there doing really ugly jobs.

My technician's neighbor had her brows done for $50, & she now has blue-black funky eyebrows that take longer to make up in the mornings than her old eyebrows did!

As the above posts said, check before & after photos, be sure she has a license, find out how long she's been in the beauty business, & be sure you get to come back for a touch-up or follow-up if needed.

Story: Janie, the hairdresser/permanent make-up tech in my building, has a lot of older ladies who have lost color, faded, had their eyebrows thin to nothingness (or never had brows to begin with).

She did lips for a lady who always looked like she disapproved, 'cause she had no lips: it looked like she had set her mouth in a stern expression.
Now, at the age of 68, she has beautiful lips!

I just can't wait to get my eyeliner done!


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