short hair pony tails

arizonaroseOctober 4, 2011

Do any of you wear your hair in a pony tail if it's kind of short? Mine is long enough to get into a low pony tail, but then it just kinda sticks straight out...ya know what I'm talking about?

So do you wear it like that and if so, how do you make it look cuter?

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I would wait until it is longer and stylable. Use headbands if you want to pull your hair back, but wait on the ponytail. My friend wore one when she was growing her hair out and it just looked sloppy. She asked, I told her, and she wore some of the cutest headbands! Now it is longer and she curls it under, so cute.

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When my hair is too short for a ponytail to lay nicely, I use the plastic clips. Can't always get all my hair into it, but it's a neat way to pull my hair back. For some reason I like them a lot more than barrettes, you can put the clips at any level of your hair.

I do try to be sure my hair is blow dried, it makes it lay nicer.

Here is a link that might be useful: clips from CVS drugstore

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Do you use the clips on the sides to hold hair back, or in the back?

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I use them to hold it back like a barrette (but lower than I would put a barrette), or low like a ponytail.

But using like a ponytail, I can kind of let my hair lay flatter/downward so I don't get that short pony look you describe.

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michelle_phxaz , I replied to your post but it never showed up....anyway, thanks for the suggestion. I do have some cute headbands but the always seem to slip back on my head and I spend so much time refixing I hardly ever wear them.

jomuir , thanks...I think I'm going to try the clips...that sounds do-able for me.

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