Haviland Pattern

jackpointAugust 12, 2012

Just wondering if anyone knows anything about this pattern? We just recently inherited a large set and know nothing about the china.

I do know, from the back pattern with the underlined Theodore, that it is from 1903.

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That may not be the pattern name. Haviland & Co. split in the late 1800s after the founder died -- one under the older son Charles and the other under the younger son Theodore. I would send the photo to Replacements, Inc. They will help you identify a pattern. I looked there and didn't find a pattern named Theodore, so you might need to figure out what your pattern is first.

Here is a link that might be useful: Haviland on Replacements

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There were Many MANY Theodore Haviland patterns...You know it's from 03...if you have pieces you want to replace, send a picture to Replacements.com and I am sure they can tell you the name of the pattern.

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Jackpoint...I am sure you know that after David Haviland died, his sons Charles and Theodore ran the company, with Theodore heading the marketing to the US. Eventually they split and Theodore ( in 1893) started his own china company....marked Theodore Haviland.
Then nephews also made fine china...there is china stamp0ed CF Haviland....then another family member made Johann Haviland in Bavaria.
Your china was made by the Theodore Haviland company, I think while they were still making china in France...later they moved the factory to the US. Some people call Theodore Haviland "American Haviland"...which is not necessarily true.
But there were thousands and thousands of patterns....there are books that sort by type of pattern....but it's still a huge task to ID a pattern.
Linda c

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