LL Bean - all-day comfort clogs?

kim0201October 23, 2007

I was wondering if anyone here has purchased the All-Day Comfort Clogs in the LL Bean catalog. If so, do the sizes run true and are they comfortable? I've seen several women wearing this style of shoe lately (not sure if they were LL Bean or another brand) & I thought they looked great. Also thinking about buying myself the Healthy Back Bag in the teardrop shape. Have you purchased the bag & are you satisfied?

Thanks so much.

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I purchased the healthy back bag in the khaki canvas. ( the large one..they had a small one that was tiny)

To be honest I'm not crazy about it because it has so many compartments...little pockets & zippered areas inside. It takes me forever to find things and I end up just dumping everything in the main area instead of organizing like it was intended. If your an organized person you may love it.

I use it mainly when we travel because it's big and holds all my *stuff* that I like to have with me just in case I need it.

Also, the shipping took FOREVER. If you want it before Christmas you better order now. Seems like it took over a month to get mine.

The clogs...I don't know about. Most shoes are too wide for me so I have to try on.


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Thanks Arizonarose: I appreciate your comments. I'm reasonably organized which is the appeal on the bag. Good to know tho'; it's good food for thought.

Thanks again.

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I have worn LL Bean clogs for some time, and do find them comfortable and true to size. I am comfortable ordering shoes and boots from them, and have been pretty happy with those I have gotten .
As far as shipping goes, if they have an item in stock, they usually ship it by the next day. How long it takes to get to you may depend on how close you are to the East Coast as they are located in Maine. Though even when I lived in California/ Arizona it usually took no longer than 5 working days.
Returns are not a problem as they include a shipping label for that purpose, though they do charge $6.50 for return shipping.

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We have an LLBean store in my area. Most of the clothes are too understated New England yuppie for me, but I like the coats, fleece stuff, accessories etc. I got a gift certificate for my birthday this fall and while trying to decide on something, I tried those clogs. They felt like cement bricks around my feet. Hard as anything, very very stiff. They felt like they would take years to break in.

I have the bag, though, in the sand color canvas with the leather strap and trim and love love love it. I understand what the other poster said about not being able to remember where you put things with all the pockets, but I have gotten to the point where I keep the same things in the same place all the time so it isn't so bad. And I have found that when it gets a speck or a spot on it, whatever it is wipes off with a damp cloth. I have the small or medium size - there is a teeny tiny small, there is the size I have, and there is a large. The size I have may be the medium and it is big enough for me. I can fit ALOT in this bag. And like most LLBEan stuff, it is quality and will last for years.

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