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enjoysofieOctober 17, 2007

IÂm a full time engineer and I almost never had time to take care about my nails, I used to think that I would waste my time for me, because for my work the manicure would last for a short time, but I find some very helpful advices on internet about this topic and one of the sites where I found the most helpful ones was, here I found what to do to keep my manicure for a longer time, what products to use to keep it in good conditions, etc. etc. Now even an engineer can have a good manicure!!!

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I had a look at the site and was not impressed at all, very vague advice; are you promoting this ?

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The poster's language is spammish sounding to me.

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if at least they were spamming something interesting; what she linked to is the lamest site you've ever read, it says nothing useful about manicures; what are those people thinking ??

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