Japanese Pottery?

pamghattenAugust 25, 2011

I've asked before, but there are new people on this site so I figured I'd try again.

I've looked through the sites that everyone has provided that show Asian Marks, and I have tried that website for the guy in Sweden that Lindac told someone else about. Had to pay $20 and am still waiting for a reply ...

So these are probably pieces from the 1970's ... my parents were in Japan as part of a sister city exchange. They spent a lot of time in Kanizawa, which is Buffalo, NY's sister city in Japan.

I assume they got them there, Mom no longer remembers. I do remember that their hosts were amazing gifters and they brought home tons of things they were given.

So if anyone has any idea if these are Japanese, and if they are from the 1970's, if they have any value ... etc. I'd appreciate the info!

Here is a link that might be useful: Japanese Pottery

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I'll drop this since no one has responded.

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I would have answered if I had any clue!

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My china/porcelain interests lie more in English pieces, but I have Gotheborg.com bookmarked for Japanese marks and info. I didn't see your marks and I was afraid it was the same Swedish guy that was non-responsive to your request, so I didn't answer either. If it's not one of the websites you've already checked, you might find it useful. There's a lot of information on it at any rate. Good luck.

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annie - that is the same site I paid $20, for no answer. Seems like one big scam to me ... I just looked at his forum site, you have to pay to become a member of that too.

I looked through the marks too and didn't find it either.

Thanks anyway ...

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