My hair seems to be falling out

lpinkmountainOctober 20, 2008

Hi, I don't come here often because unfortunately I'm usually too pressed for time . . . Although I do love the practical experience you all share here and I have gotten some good tips here in the past--someone turned me on to L'Occitaine eau de 4 Rein Roses perfume--thank you!

Now a new issue has popped up for me. Lately my hair seems to be falling out. Whenever I comb, brush or wash it big hunks of it slip off. It could be a thryroid issue, I'm getting that checked. Of course maybe hormones as I am approaching menopause. But is there anything I can take vitamin or supplement wise to help? I'm also under a lot of stress which I'm sure is aggravating the situation. I take glucosamine, chondroitin, lutein, billberry and vitamin C and fish oils almost every day.

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You need to see a doctor immediately. Hair falling out is serious, it could be something as minor as a vitamin deficiency but even that needs to be checked by your doctor.

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Well, its not like I'm going bald, it's just thinning big time. I feel OK otherwise. Yes, if it keeps up I will go to the doctor, but I'm thinking it just might be stress, hormones and maybe some kind of vitamin/supplement thing. I just had a complete physical.

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Hair loss reasons include:

Stress form Illness or Surgery (even a few months back)
Thyroid problems
Post Pregnancy
Medicines (I would bet supplements could fall in here too)
Certain diseases such as Lupus and Diabetes (often an early symptom)

I'm sure there are more things that can cause hair loss too. I don't know all you are taking, but I wouldn't rule out that one of your supplements may be causing the hair loss (sometimes it can take months for them to kick in). Just something to consider.

And, yes, there are vitamins that can help hair loss, but I would talk to a doctor before self medicating with them. You may have just had a physical, but if you didn't mention this problem, they wouldn't have known what to look for. Were you checked for Lupus or Diabetes, for example?

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If you had a stressful occurrence in the past few months, it takes 2-3 months before its hit the hair. I've been through it too many times. Look back on that. Adding in moderate doses of B vitamins, biotin, and iron can help. Low iron can contribute to hair loss. The supplements will help it grow back faster.

I know how busy you are and I'm thinking you must have had some upset or an added stress a few months back. Death or illness of a relative? Loss of a job? Job issues? Relationship troubles? They all make MY hair fall out.

Getting a check up is a good thing to rule anything more serious.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mayo Clinic on hair loss.

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Yeah, I've had some kind of upset alright. I've been out of full time work for a year and a half and looking for a job. Meanwhile my life's savings are about gone. Will soon have to sell house and tap into retirement just to live. And the economy is looking like so much fun for the ongoing job hunt. Just a TAD stressful. Also working three part time jobs 70 hours a week but still not enough to cover bills. It's a wonder I have any hair left. Can't do anything about it though. But I can take some vitamins.

I have low blood pressure, not low iron though, but an iron pill wouldn't hurt I imagine. I used to take B-vitamins but wasn't sure how much good it did. I looked at the store and the "hair and nails" supplements had MSM or whatever that stuff is, plus chondroitin which I already take. I don't know much about the MSM but I think it is related to testosterone, don't know much about that. I don't want to loose hair on my head and increase the rate it is showing up in other odd places, lol!

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I think your self medicating yourself with vitamins and supplements is a big mistake. Don't people get if something can help you it can also hurt you. Too much iron can be bad. Chondroitin, for example, even lists hair loss as a side effect. Are you even aware of that?

p.s. If you're upset about the resent stock market stuff that kind of stress probably wouldn't have hit your hair yet. It would more or less be a really "big" stressor from about 3 months ago. A surgery, death of family member, divorce, fire, etc... generally not a continuing job hunt or ongoing worry.

Talk to a doctor, or at least let them advise you about supplements. You may be causing your own problems and/or creating new ones. Or, worse yet, you may be masking a real problem.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hair loss listed as side effect

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I have a degree in Biology and have researched these supplements and have been taking them for years. I don't just buy supplements for the heck of it--too expensive. That's why I quit taking the B-vitamin supplements and iron, I usually get enough of those nutrients in my diet, but with the ongoing stress of three jobs and being on the road I am probably not doing as well in the vitamin department as I usually do, my schedule has been tight for cooking and lunch/dinner packing.
I'm certainly capable of researching vitamin supplements and talking to my doctor. Hair thinning is a side effect of menopause too, so I'm sure hormones have something to do with it. I just posted here to see if anyone else had had a similar situation with their hair (not a medical emergency problem) and if anything they did helped. I always research the science behind what I do, both medically and in the beauty department. And not the techno-babble the advertisers spew out either.

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BTW, in case anyone is interested, I was mixed up on the MSM. That's not the stuff that is a precurser to testosterone, that would be DHEA. That's also in some of the hair supplements. That one I have researched and am pretty skeptical about, and would definately not take without consulting my doctor. MSM is a sulphuric compound and is sometimes taken along with glucosamine and chondroitin. I take those other two just as the Mayo Clinic prescribes, for mild osteoarthritis. I take Lutein and vitamin C as recommended by my doctor because I have macular degeneration.
Taking a lot of supplements you don't need is a waste of money--at best you will pee away your money. At worst you can suffer from negative side effects like stomache upset, blood sugar effects, blood pressure effects, etc.

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I cautiously take some supplements for the same reasons. B vitamins will make me throw them right back up if I'm not very careful to take them with a meal.

I tend to be anemic so iron is important to me. And historically I will become anemic when stressed more than usual. Divorce, pregnancy, etc.

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after the birth of my 2nd child 17 years ago, i noticed the rate of my hair loss increasing...and knew that hair loss after pregnancy is normal. after my 3rd child, it might have increased somewhat, but i don't remember noticing so much. however, about 10 years ago i defintely began to notice a significant increase in my hair loss-especially during/after washing. i have always had extremely thick and curly hair, and for years it wasn't noticeable. only in the last year or 2 have i noticed that it is thinning.... my ponytail isn't nearly as thick as it used to be and i think i'm getting abit of of a widow's peak... hairline receding abit. over a year ago i worried abit about it and had a physical and thyroid tests, etc and all came out normal.... i'm assuming it's genetic/hormonal. my hair is by no means very thin, but it is much thinner than it was..........

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I have a bottle of hair and nails supplements. Mine has no odd things in it. The link contains the ingredients. Pretty standard stuff.

Some of the reviewers complain of stomach upset but any vitamin supplement will do that on an empty tummy for me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nature's Bounty

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I don't take vitamins anymore after I found out they are mostly made in China.....

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Have you had anesthesia within the last year? That can do it, I've heard.

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I've started taking a multi-vitamin, my mom gave them to me since she can't take iron any more. Don't know where they were made though. I suppose it can't hurt. Hasn't stopped the hair loss though. I got my thyroid test results back, my levels have actually gone UP, so my dosage of thyroid hormone is going to be reduced. If the hair loss keeps up, I will see the doctor about it, but I still think it is just a menopause thing. Wish there was something I could do about this one though--it's bad enough with the chin hairs and the weird blotches and growths that keep showing up all over my body. Yes, I keep an eye on those too, what a PAIN! Grey hair is a walk in the park compared to all this other carp. I can't seem to hang on to any of my femmine charms.

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I feel your pain. Fortunately I am pretty hairless, I barely shave my ankles! I have not begun to sprout chin hairs, knock wood. Take some biotin, it will promote sturdy growth of both hair and nails. Blotches I've had since my twenties. We won't discuss moles...

Try to find some quiet meditative time for yourself each day to deal with the mounting stress. Relationships also cause stress so maintain boundaries with unpleasant people who don't offer support to your spirit.

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I got my hair cut this week and the stylist said people loose more hair in the fall. I don't know if she just said that to make me feel better or what, but it worked, lol! She gave me a great cut and I feel a lot better about my hair. I'm still shedding like crazy so will eventually check with the doctor. But so far my scalp is still covered!

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When I started perimenopause and my hormone levels changed I saw the same issue. That may not be the issue for you though. Make sure you go see a doctor and tell them about the hair loss. They'll make sure it's not something serious.

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I had the same thing. Thank goodness I had thick hair to start with cause I lost alot! If you are nearing menopause I would urge you to read "The Sexy Years"; "Ageless"; and "Breakthrough".......all authored by Suzanne Somers. I have learned so much and am getting my life (and hair!) back. Unfortunately, it took several doctors before I found someone to listen. Mine ended up to be extremely low testosterone and a low functioning thyroid. I had saliva testing done because it is more accurate.

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My hairs falling out aloot when I comb pass my hands through my hair, wash im sccaredd im 20years old any advice what to use or do so it stops fallinng

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