smelly jeans

cometfernOctober 27, 2003

I posted this over on the cleaning forum, but I thought I would see what you gals and guys thought. I bought a pair of jeans at a store recently. When I got them home I noticed an odor of sulfur coming off the jeans. Since I had already cut the tags off I decided I would just wash them and see if the smell went away, it didn't. So I washed them again using vinegar and once more using febreeze. I'm out of ideas and they still stink. Any suggestions?

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Comet I had a sports bra that I had the same problem with. I just don't understand why is smelled so bad and I tried all the things you did. The thing that worked for me was putting the sports bra in a ziplock bag with some baking soda in it. I left it like that for a few days and then shook it out really well and rinsed it in the sink and washed it and the smell was gone! I hope that helps you if you try it!

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I had a pair of black-black stretch jeans from the Gap that had a strange strong smell. I had to return them it bothered me so much. I was told that the black dye was very strong to keep the jeans from fading too fast.

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