Hood Inserts: Zephyr vs. Best?

Kek10February 28, 2013

Searching on "Best" give way to many off-topic answers so I thought I'd post. ;)

We need a hood insert. (Please forgive me if the terminology isn't right here, for some reason I can't get hood-speak straight.) We are getting a wood hood to match the cabinets and need a vent to go inside (that's an insert, right?!).

Best was recommended by the KD and appliance person. I saw Zephyr recommended here. Z certainly seems quieter, although I can't get the DCBL feature b/c of our sizing.

Specifically looking at, both 600cfm:
Best CP351369SB (max 12 sones)
Zephyr Monsoon AK9234AS (max 6 sones)

We're getting Wolf 36" induction cooktop. So not a lot of heat to deal with, but cooking odors, grease, etc..

Max size is 34 3/8 x 19 1/4, and this will just squeak into our space. Is this considered undersized for an induction cooktop? (They recommended a couple of 28" ones and I said that won't work.)

I am leaning toward Zephyr, thoughts?

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I have the Zephyr Monsoon with the LED lights, not sure on the model number to be honest. I have a BlueStar (BS) range-top, 36in. 6 Burner model. We just finished our kitchen remodel just before this past Christmas. Since then I have been on the road for work during the week for 2 months. But from what I have done with it so far, and what the wife has done, we really like the Monsoon. I love the LED lights on it, I wish they would offer a 3rd light option, but the two are good I just really like a lot of light. Not that there isn't enough with this, but to me more is always better.

As for removing smells and smoke it hasn't had any problems yet, but we haven't pushed it to hard to be honest.

In terms of noise we normally run it on level-3 of 6 levels. The 6th level is called "burst mode" and it will only run at that level for like 5 minutes and then it automatically turns down to level-5 on its own. With it on level-3 we have not had any issues with normal cooking, we use levels 5 and 6 for some heavy smokey stuff, like bacon or searing steaks/meat.

Again, so far we love it and are happy with our choice.


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