Yoga Sandals?

bud_wiOctober 31, 2007

Anyone try them? They look hard to learn to walk in. Anyone experience any benefit to these? They obviously aren't being sold for their looks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Yoga Sandals

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hummmmm, I'm not sure my toes would like to be separated like that although they sure need it; they would be great for pedicures.

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LOL> pedicure shores. :)

They look like they would be uncomfortable at first but maybe there is some benefit to the leg muscles or feet to wearing them? I like Earth shoes. When I first started wearing them they took a while to get used, to but I love them now.

I am wondering if these are OK to wear around the house going up and up/down stairs to the laundry room? Or are they just for exercise? I investigated those MBT shoes and the feedback I got was they were great for going for walks but killers to wear around the house (stairs, sharp turns, slippery floors).

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