Facial Line Reducers

CinderellaOctober 13, 2003

Has anyone ever used Genie Line Eraser (or) Filler?

How do you use it and how does it work?

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no, but i have found something else that helps. i put ice in a baggie in the morning and hold it just underneath my eyes back and forth and you would be surprised how much it takes away the lines for the most of the day. would be intersted in knowing if this stuff works permanently as well.

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I used genie line eraser last yr & felt like I had glue on my face. It felt like I could barely open my mouth of blink. The product was clear but you defintiely knew it was there. Not good, plus I didn't notice any difference in the appearance of lines.

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My friend generously gave me a bottle but I didn't think it helped me at all. She said she really liked it but I don't think she really needed it or else my wrinkles are just too deep.

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