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Vique_PaOctober 8, 2007

Does anyone know anything about the Spanx products? I first heard about them on the Oprah show and am wondering if they are as good as they say they are. I have my eye on one that is supposed to pull in your tummy and lift your rear. Also, they want to know my measurements. I hope they won't send me something that will fit my measurements now and won't pull or lift anything. I ask the clerk in the undergarment department of Macy's about the measuring thingy and she said she didn't know. Big help she was.

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Amazon has a lot of reviews, both negative and positive

Here is a link that might be useful: Spanx reviews

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I have never used these. I read the reviews, it sounds as though a lot of people bought ones that were too small (waistband rolling down, etc.).

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They work at shaping but they feel very tight. (which is why they work, lol)
I bought some but abandoned them because of the discomfort.

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Haven't used them, but I think larger department stores carry them. Maybe you could try them on before purchasing them in order to decide whether they do what you need them to do without being too uncomfortable.

Many smaller boutiques/bridal shops, as well as Chico's carry the Spanx brand as well.

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I bought Spanx recently. I got the lightest one, can't recall what it's called, but I'll look if you want to know. The saleslady told me to buy a size B because by weight I was an A, but just by a couple of pounds. It helps a little. I'm not sure it is much better than control top pantyhose. The A would probably have sucked me in more, but been quite tight.I wore the Spanx all afternoon and evening and didn't notice I even had it on.

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I have "power panty", "high power panty", "Hide and Sleek mid-thigh smoother" and "Hide and Sleek panty". Hate the Hide and Sleek panty but like the other three kinds. I always buy one size larger. They really work, especially when wearing dreadful knit suits (St. John and Misook).

I got mine from Nordstrom, sales women there are quite knowlegable.

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Target has them too. I never tried them but they look just like pantyhose with the legs cut off.

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Thank you very much, ladies. I sent for one but it is back ordered. I am anxious to get it. Vique.

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