dismal tag sale

debodunAugust 8, 2009

Where is everyone? I had a tag sale today. It was ideal weather and relatively early in the month when people wallets are at their fattest. Only 6 cars stopped all day and only two people bought anything. I can tell you it wasn't worth all that work for $4. I thought I had sold my antique bed frame. A man looked at it and we agreed on a $50 price. He backed his truck up to the garage and started loading he headboard. Suddenly he hesitated, then said "Uh, I don't think I'll take it." Then he put it back in the garage and drove away. It still irks me to think about it. So my questions are 1) aren't people going to garage sales anymore, and 2) why all these mind games?

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Where do you live, what else is going on in your town. Where and how did you advertise....all have bearing on the success of the sale.
People are garage saleing like crazy around here....don't know why they didn't come to yours.
Linda C

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I don't know why they didn't come to your sale either. Except to say that people just are not fun-buying or shopping right now. I don't even stop or check out garage sales today in my own neighborhood because, although they used to be fun and I'd pick something up here and there occasionally, I really don't need to spend the money right now on stuff just for fun. On the other hand, there are a few things that I'm looking for to add to my house and maybe I might get lucky and find the right chairs for my game table; but don't try to push your kids toys, old clothes and games onto me. We just don't need them. Toss them and de-clutter your home. Good stuff is probably better sold on a website or your local newspaper or CL. Good luck. I'm with you in your endeavor and need to sell much of our own stuff. But I think we're entering into a world that does not want stuff -- I hope we're entering a time when we buy, use and save what's important.
That's Annie's philosophy for tonight!

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I went to a few YS today. Some of signs on corners say "Yard Sale" " today" when is that? looked old so I didn't bother- put date on sign. Put an arrow pointing in direction you want us to go. Yellow poster board stands out best with black lettering. Did you have a sign by your driveway saying yard sale, sometimes people are just cleaning the garage! Was it supposed to be hot today where you live? Is there an airplane show or free concert at the park or something else going on where people will be more interested spending their money. I bought a couple of small items at 1 sale on a main street & she put my money in her box, there was nothing in it before that. Her prices were cheap. Several YS were mostly clothes, I just passed them by. Couple just had kids stuff, I don't need any, my kids are grown! Church close to me had YS so I got a nice necklace 50cents roll of bubble wrap still in pkg $1,they were disorganized & still bringing things out at 9:30 so I went back at 12:30.Got Annalee 1993 mouse with xmas gift for 50cents, & coke musicbox that goes around for 50cents- my favorite buy was 3 cement doves with a wire spike in bottom of each, this guy has yard full of critters, fountain & alligator so surprised he was getting rid of them. The doves were $1.50 for the 3. a hand 3 pronged garden tool, old fashioned kind that lasts was 50cents also. Lovely necklace with stones in greens & browns was $1. No antiques in either glass or furniture today. None of these sales had much in way of customers. Of course gasoline just jumped double digits this week! Maybe that is why! Also I Only have YS's from Oct 1 to end of May- summers are too hot out here! I was looking for good deals as most people having sales this time of year aren't regular sellers or are moving so you do get good buys!

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"Did you have a sign by your driveway saying yard sale, sometimes people are just cleaning the garage!"

I had to LOL at that one. It seems like every time I clean my garage I get cars stopping and people get out and start wandering around my stuff. I shoo them away and they act disgruntled. Well, did 'ya see a sign saying *Yard Sale*?!?!? No?? Well there 'ya go.

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