Cosmetology School

zoezoeOctober 23, 2006

I have my hair (and occasionally nails) done at a local cosmetology school. It is incredibly inexpensive, however it does take a lot longer as they are still students and have to have the instuctor inspect each stage of their work.

I was just curious if any of you also frequent this type of "salon" and what you thought about it?

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I have used a school for kids' haircuts. I would use them for nails (pedicures) if I could remember! Color, probably not. My hair, no.

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My boss, who's sister owns a beauty salon, also went to cosmotology school. It was her plan to join her sister in the business. Her first customer was her own mother for a haircut. Well, mom wore a baseball cap for several weeks after. My boss never did gain a "knack" for it and is now in another business. :)

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My daughter is currently attending cosmetology classes. She says it takes 2 years to become a licensed haircutter. I will find out if they are open to the public and what prices are like. I am tired of paying close to $100 for a cut and color in a regular salon.

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I went to cosmetology school years ago and we had a shop open to the public. Students had to put in a certain number of hours practicing on each other and manequins before moving out into the shop. The first haircuts we did there were closely supervised by an instructor. After that, we could get an instructor if we needed help with a style. All work was checked by an instructor before the client left and the instructors often made changes. Chemical treatments were usually well supervised.

Most of the time things went fine, but occasionally I saw a haircut flubbed in a way that couldn't be fixed. Of course, it would all depend on the individual school's procedures. I would advise calling and speaking with the owner first and finding out just how things are handled.

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If I were going to use a school for a haircut, I'd be very specific and bring in photos of all angles, if possible, of the desired outcome. I'd also choose a simple style. My ex uses a school for his buzz cut. He tells them which number to use. Hard to screw up a number 3 clipper cut though someone did once!

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I have had a few very bad very expensive hair cuts...
If there were a school in the area, I would use it. I mean....after all it's only hair...unless it is chemically fried, it grows out pretty fast.
I have a friend who paid big bucks to get her hair burned by over processing. All the apologies and all the free hair cuts don't make it grow faster.
And I would never return to someone who did that to me!! She looked like she had been singed with a blow torch!
Linda C

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Does anyone know anything about online beauty schools? How does that work, and is it the same type of degree you would get by actually really going to the school? Thanks so much, I really appreciate it.

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I go to a local cosmetology school for cuts, perms, highlighting. It takes lots longer than a regular salon, but everything is supervised closely by the instructors. The students are seniors; the ones with less experience practice on each other or mannequin heads. I have been more pleased than at a regular salon and I pay lots less. They keep what I like for perms and highlighting in the computer, so I get pretty much the same all the time. The worst haircuts, perms, highlighting and manicures I've had have been done by professionals for big bucks. I have several friends who do the same as I do. I paid $55 for a haircut and highlighting. The last time I did that in a salon it was $120 and I had to tip. The only thing that's hard is planning in advance. They take appts. 2 months in advance and I already have my appt for next week for cut and perm and in March for a cut and a manicure.

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I go a few times a year for a pedicure. Can't really mess that up to a serious degree.

I did have a brow wax once and the guy gave me the too-thin Pamela Anderson brows without telling me what he was intending to do. He told me after that he thought it would look better on me. It didn't. I did tell him prior to the wax that I was just wanting to clean up the stragglers. I thought that was specific enough, but apparently not.

My mom went to beauty school in the 1980's (her mid-life crisis/career change) and she's got stories to tell about shenanigans in the salon area. I hesitate personally, but then I'm pretty vain & take mistakes probably harder than I should.

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My hair is fine and thin and shows every snip, there is no room for oops. I have never used a school for a cut. I'm not all that vain but I do have some pride in my appearance! Even my expensive Napa hairdresser screwed up my hair so badly that it took two years to grow out. He got a wild notion that adding "volume" to my hair with a razor was the way to go. I tried to talk him out of it but he was on a mission. When he was finished most of my fine, thin hair was on the floor and I had what looked like baby bird feathers on my head-a few sad little wisps. He made a big effort to fluff what was left with gobs of product and hairspray. I cried later. He was apologetic but I never went back to Mr. Cavalier.

I think I'm still not over that haircut!

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I went to cosmetology school- unfortunately in a rural area. We got many people with lice, scalp crud, people that didn't shampoo for 2 weeks- uggghhh.
All of our work was closely supervised and you only went to the customer floor after you completed 300 hours, testing, and mannequin work. Some people were slow but some were speedy with their work.
I would go to a cosmetology school for chemical services before I would a haircut. The worst haircuts have been high dollar places- I paid $50+tip for my last cut and it was horrible. I went to one of the walk-in places and the girl did a great job- cut was $12 and I tipped her $8 because I was so happy.

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My daughter attends Cosmetology School in Long Island NY. Today she gave a perm to a 75 year old. The school closely supervises the students. And the lady paid only $15. My daughter says the services are very cheap, $5 for manicures, for example.

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I have also had a couple of very bad expensive hair cuts. One of which was so bad I called my husband and asked him to put a paper bag in the mail box so I could cover my chopped off hair. Well, he left me the bag but he and the kids met me at the door with bags on their heads also. LOL

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I've been going to a school for about 4 yrs for color and love it. Only once was it too dark,and that was fixed 2 days later..we had fun while she did it.

I do get to tip the girls better than I would a regular salon. I've seen girls work all morning prepping a wedding party and got NO tip - and the bride was VERY picky--it looked stunning.

I've had pedicures and manicures there - takes longer but that is MY time and I can take a book, magazine, talk tot he girls. My first experience out there was WONDERFUL...I told her to go to be a master colorist when she was out - she was that good.

I have very curly hair and am rather vain about it :D But it is really pretty. I went to an aveda salon in town and used a 'new talent'. These girls have their training at the school, then 7 months of Aveda training - she was VERY good - a problem with curly hair that if you do not have a right cut, you get the dreaded 'triangle head' as it grows out (think Roseanne Roseannadanna). I got it cut in Oct and it still looks great.

I've taken my boys to school since they were quite little - basic little boys' haircut should not cost $15. I take my youngest daughter out there also as her hair is slightly wavey, but mostly straight.

Yep, I love the schools. Oh yeah, had a free facial out there a few months ago - talk about heaven. I'll go for the works for pedi/man when the weather is warmer in May.

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I love doing my facial in school as it is wonderful work and economically better than spa /other places .

Girls may be learning but they are supervised and i m surprised @ their hardwork to get correct .

We should support these young lads as they will be in your saloon soon when they out of school . so i dont see difference in saloon or school

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That sounded weird - all my experiences out there have been good. I had one where the color was too dark. Went back the next week to the same girl and fixed it no charge. I am dying to go back but I can't even afford them right now ;)

I might see if I can get in there Friday for a facial. My bosses are out of town the rest of the week and I'll have little/nothing to do (did it already :))

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I have paid a lot of money for bad haircuts and then paid next to nothing at a beauty supply store for great hair cuts. I have fine hair, and I can so relate to bird feathered hair as mentioned above. A lot of expensive hairdressers get the idea that by making layers, they will give fine hair body. STOP! This kind of hair needs all the actual hair it can get. swing and movement are not issues with our hair. it swings everywhere!

I recently had someone layer my hair after I explicitly asked for a blunt cut. the torture...this means I have to "do" my hair or it hangs in sad little wisps. Ugh. Anyone who listens and has a modicum of talent and experience is a great hairstylist in my book:-) But then, my hair is easy if you just listen!

Although, I once had my hair done by a hairdresser to the stars who charged 1500.00 for cut and color. My hair has never looked so great. I mean, every single detail was addressed. Sometimes, you get what you pay for and other times, you're better off with someone who listens. (no, I didn't pay the 1500.00-- it was a work thing).

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I wouldn't use a cosmetology school for color. I just remembered my friend's mistakes. The color was awful & it made her look horrible. And one time I had to wait 5 hours for them to do her hair. I thought them trimming my son's hair took too long. Yeesh.

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enter at your own risk. these people are students...WITHOUT a license yet. I'm a licensed cosmetologist and i've seen some horrible things done while in school.

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I can't even get a really GOOD haircut from a licensed salon, let alone a bunch of amateurs. If I wanted to save money that bad, I would let it grow. Oh - and a pedicure CAN go wrong. Really wrong.

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