Affordable canopy hood?

Robin GoodrichFebruary 18, 2013

We will be purchasing a 36" Thermador gas range/oven for our new home and since that is a splurge, I need help picking out an affordable hood! With the home being an open concept ranch, I definitely need one that works so the whole house doesn't smell like onions! What kind of hood should I be looking for if it is to be hidden like this picture? Do you have any suggestions?

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The hood inserts aren't so bad (we were quoted about $1200 for the insert to go over our 48" range, so I would imagine yours would be a little less) but that wood hood is expensive. Our cabinetmaker said 3-5k depending on how detailed we wanted it to be, and we are in a low-cost area. You'll come off much better spending a little more on a visible hood in most circumstances.

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Unfortunately, affordable and cabinet mantle hood don't belong in the same sentence. Something as detailed as you picture, yes, 4-8K for that total for the insert and the cabinetry and the install. And, double that if you need to have make up air. And you will. It's part of the new building codes.

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Robin Goodrich

Wow, I had no idea it would cost that much! Thanks for the heads up.

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