What Is Your favorite Hair Conditioner?

jannieOctober 6, 2007

I'm 55, white woman with fine,thin, shoulder length brown hair. I would call ny hair "normal" or slightly "dry". I'm looking for a hair conditioner that will DO IT ALL-make my hair shiny,soft, easy to comb when wet, easy to brush when dry, make my hair stronger and smell good. Any suggestions?

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Infusium 23 (not the leave-in conditioner,just the regular kind) is a great conditioner for dry hair. I used to use it when I colored my hair and my hair was fried from dyeing it.
Also garnier fructis is good~it seems like my hair really was stronger when I was using it.It claims to make hair up to 5x's stronger,and I dont think they are lying! It also smells wonderful.My husband was amazed how shiney and soft my hair was.

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Thanks-my daughter uses the Garnier Fructis line, and she's a professional cosmetologist.

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tri "unific energy moisturizer" is a good conditioner for my fine, thin, highlighted caucasian hair. It comes in a jar, smells like mint and gives my scalp a little tingle as well.

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Jannie my hair is just as you described yours. I like to use a lightweight conditioner, because if I don't my hair looks like it hasn't even been washed. I use Redken Smooth Down Detangling Creme in the summer when I tend to have the frizzies. In the fall and winter I use Redken's Color Extend Total Recharge (although this is not listed as a detangler or conditioner it works that way for me). The only problem I have is in the cooler months--way too much static in my hair. Anyone have suggestions about what to do about static?

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I have heard rubbing dryer sheets on hair can help.Seriously!
My daughter gets static something awful too. Hairspray I think makes it worse.Gentley misting with water might help or maybe mousse.

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Pantene makes a 3 minute leave-in hair conditioner "Restore & Renew". You can use it once a week and then your regular conditioner (I use TIGI Catwalk Fashionista - safe for color treated hair).

Most of the year TIGI product is all I need. However, when the humidity of the summer calls for a heavier, frizz control conditioning, I use the Pantene product for great conditioning and no frizz.

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I stopped using Garnier Fructis because it made my hair feel dirty. Pantene works for my dry hair.

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I tried the Infusiun 23, and I really like it.

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Glad you found something you like.. I'm not sure if you color your hair or not.... but I really, really like Clairol's Nice and Easy Colorseal Weekly Conditioning Gloss. It's in a tube and you can buy it separately (without the hair color) to use once a week. It really tames my hair, makes it feel tons softer, and seems to enhance the color. I notice if I go too long without using it.

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I don't need it anymore since I stopped washing my hair with all the detergent based shampoos out there. If you read what the ingredients do to your hair, you will see why you NEED a conditioner after using them - and lo and behold, the shampoo companies also make the conditioners, how nice of them!

Seriously, I have been using all natural shampoo bars, mostly olive oil based, and my hair has never looked better. I wish I had discovered them years ago! If I feel my hair, which is long, really needs conditioning on the ends, then before shampooing I will rub a little olive or almond or jojoba oil into it and leave it on for a while.

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