Wanna come to my garage sale??

DLM2000August 12, 2010

I'm only half kidding - no real valuable antiques, but lots of vintage stuff and its all got to go!

Taking a break from cleaning and pricing and trying to get myself mentally geared up to start hauling everything outside in the heat tonight - blech! I'm still pulling things out of closets and drawers - where did it all come from? But amazingly, even though you can hardly walk through my first floor, I already feel 'mentally lighter' knowing a lot of it will be gone by the end of the weekend.

Here's a peak at some of it if you're interested. Think selling thoughts for me!

Here is a link that might be useful: Garage Sale Stuff

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I saw lots of goodies I'd love to get.

Happy selling!

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Fori is not pleased

Is that a liquor cabinet in your attic? I need one of those! Do you deliver?

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Oooh, love the desk. If only I weren't broke this weekend..

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OMG I think my stuff is multiplying before I can bring it all out! We got all the furniture out in the garage but I still have TONS of smaller stuff to bring out tomorrow morning. I'm going to take pictures (hopefully) when it's all out - I really can't believe how much there is. And the embarrassing thing is, it's not like the house is empty without it - not even sorta!

fori I think the piece you're referring to is the old mahogany record cabinet - and I did use it many years ago as a liquor cabinet after I took out the record dividers. The other cabinet, the ornate one, is an old radio cabinet.

tricia that's a dressing table - one of my best house sale finds years ago.

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arghhhhhhh I need SEVERAL pieces that you are showing, and I bet you do not live in Texas.....drat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wow - what great things. Where do you live? (And I'm only have joking, too!).

Please tell us how the sale went.

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Over and out - done, finished, wrapped up and I don't just mean the sale - me, too!!! All in all the sale went very well, still have a few furniture pieces that will now go on Craigslist. The wicker didn't sell which surprised me and the big radio cabinet, but that's a large piece and you have to like the style.

Wonder what I'll start hunting for now????? ;-)

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