pendants in bathroom above medicine cabinet

liviarimonJanuary 1, 2013

My decorator suggested that we put mini pendants above the 30 by 30 inch triview recessed medicine cabinet.
I am concerned about the glare from the light and also if there would be enough light. Right now we have 2 high hats in a soffit and this is great. She suggested we get rid of the soffit and put a pendant in that space. It would look similar to this picture .
Will there be enough light? Some of the pendants use Led lighting. Does that glare less than halogen? is the led light cold and too white?
Really like the idea and the decorator is usually right on target but when I go to the lighting store they all try to talk me out of it saying that pendant are usually at eye level not higher up.
My ceiling is 8 ft high.

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WIth an 8' ceiling, I'd say no. A pendant won't provide any more or less light than a standard above the mirror sconce. However, with only 8', there just isn't enough room for any dangle with the mirror placed properly. Even a small pendant won't drop down but maybe 6"-8" and that's not enough drama for the hassle of doing it.

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If your current soffit lighting is great, I don't see any reason to change to pendants, as I doubt the light quality would change and the look won't be that striking because of the short drop.

To improve the quality of lighting at a mirror you would be better off with side-lighting. Overhead light is supposed to be less flattering and casts shadows that make it harder to apply makeup, etc.

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