Duravit v. Mirabelle v. Kohler soaking tub??

cfa3January 31, 2014

We are replacing an old 60 x 30 cast iron alcove tub/shower in a remodel of our upstairs hall bathroom. It will be the only tub in the house, at least for now, so we want one that has more depth than the old 14" tub! After much looking on the web, reading posts and visiting showrooms, I currently am thinking about the following three acrylic tubs:

Duravit Architec
Kohler Archer
Mirabelle Edenton

Any advice/experience with one of the tubs would be greatly appreciated!!

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You can search this forum and find detailed info on the Kohler Archer and Mirabelle Edenton. The Edenton had production problems when it first came out but they have been corrected. I like the feel of the Mirabelle acrylic over Kohler. Tha Maax Rubix is similar to the Edenton.

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Thank you for the information! I have read posts about the Edenton, but wasn't sure whether the problem was corrected, so good to hear that.

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We put the archer in a previous bathroom remodel. I'll be using them again for a new build. I really liked how roomy the archer felt. The overflow is expensive but it looks nice. It's a horizontal shape. We used the archer for a little over a year. Cleaning was fine. The tub was installed with tile and a glass door. The rim on the open side was wide so we asked that for the door to be installed as close to the outside edge as possible.

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I just put in the Mirabelle Edenton - I was wary after reading on this forum about issues so I asked my contractor to inspect it carefully. before install. No problems. It is a very nice looking tub for the price and I am very happy with it. It does have a textured (bumpy) bottom which I didn't really want but now that I have it I find that is doesn't bother me at all. Agree with others, the acrylic feels really nice.

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Pind54 - good to hear.

I just saw that Kohler has a new Archer 60 x 30 alcove with apron in acrylic and Archer 60 x 30 alcove no apron in exocrylic. It appears to be a popular tub.

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