Mary Kay products any good?

pink_overallsOctober 21, 2007

An acquaintance is selling Mary Kay products and has offered to demonstrate the cosmetics line on me. What do you ladies think of this line? I currently use Neutrogena Healthy Skin face lotion with sun screen, Neutrogena pore refining cleanser, Neutrogena Visibly Firm night cream, Maybelline Instant Age Rewind foundation, Cover Girl powder blush, Maybelline eye products, and Revlon lipsticks. I'm 65 and have dry skin. I don't want to buy from her if I won't continue using the products. I don't even want to ask for a demo if I don't think I'd buy them. Any opinions?

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I haven't tried them in years! The main problem is that the sellers are somewhat fanatical about the products. In the past, they also wouldn't let you buy one product without buying another product that supposedly went along with it.

Try going to Paula Begoun's website. She is like a "Consumer Reports" type person who reviews makeup and skin care lines. Go to her website and select product reviews--she reviews both the skincare and makeup. Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Mary kay reviews

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I really like Mary Kay's eye makeup remover. That's the only thing I buy from them.

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Is this a *friend* trying to sell you stuff? Its amazing how "friends" who one hasn't heard from in years suddenly come out of the woodwork when they are selling something.

It sounds like you are very happy with your current products and not in a hurry to change.

My experience with MK products is that their eye shadows always crease. When you don't want to buy them anymore they will tell you they have "reformulated" them and they don't crease anymore. They LIE. They still crease.

They tell you that you "save money" buy buying their refillable make-up cases and just buying the refills. What they don't tell you, is that they change the styles of the make-up cases every so often so that the new refills do not fit in the older style cases and you have to buy a new style case.

Their lipstick are always dried up.

I buy their night cream, the stuff that looks like pink Vaseline, and I use it on my hands to protect them from the chemicals my hands come in contact with at work.

The rest of their stuff is overpriced and average quality. It is a hassle to order through a rep rather than getting make-up at the stores when it is convenient. The reps call all the time to try to get you to order more and more unneeded stuff.

You can buy MaryKay make-up off of eBay cheaper than from a rep.

BTW, the demos are usually done in groups. They try to develop a "herd mentality" that way.

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I had a friend who sold it years ago, she had demo parties and we all had facials, the products were decent. I too liked that pink vaseline type cream.

From the products you mention using, you will find MK expensive; so if you are going to feel pressured to buy something, you'd be better off not letting her come in and spend time demonstrating her wares intensively, unless you tell her ahead of time and clearly that you might not buy anything.

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The only product that I use is their eyeliner. It does stay on all day without smudging.

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Ok , first I am a Mary Kay Consultant so you can think I a try to sell my product. I have only been a consultant for 3 years and before that time I had not used MK and I really did not use anything but soap and water on my face. I had a friend that sold and she invited my to a lunch and a on the go facial not party or group just 2 of us.
I prefer small groups myself, I started using MK that day and I only pick out what I liked and bought it.No pressure , I know that the company pushes that and if your friend is your friend then she will not pressure you. I think that the skin care from MK is exceptional, there actually is something out there for everyone.
I do not want to preach, just urge you to ask her for samples of the products you are interested in and try them, I give out lots of samples and I also give my compacts free to women who buy foundation. I know MK is expensive but if you compare to some of the products on Market it is comparable for what you get.
Mary Kay has a wonderful products and also is a wonderful opportunity for some one that wants to work.
One other thing if you buy and do not like the product or it doesn't work for you, you may return it at not cost to you.
Mary Kay has a 100% return policy . what other company do that. So think about this . Carolyn

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Actually, there is a 100% return policy on cosmetics just about everywhere (Macy's, Sephora, L&T...any major department store will take it back - even Costco). I have even returned items to Walgreen's and CVS. I am the queen of returns, so don't try to make it sound like only Mary Kay has a 100% return policy because that is not true.

Personally, I was a MK sales associate many years ago but got tired of their pep rallies at the required meetings and the pressure to bug your friends to give a party.

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You may be right about the returns at other stores I do not know about them as I do not make a habit of returning products and I do not have to attend any required meetings or do anything that is called pushing. I do not bug people to buy my product. I feel Mary Kay sells itself, the product is good and is a pleasure to use.

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One of our secretaries sells Mary Kay, but she does not seem to push the products at all. It took over 2 years to find out she sells them. Maybe it's because some people go to her during their break (the company would not like it, I'm afraid). Maybe outside of the work environment it's a different story, I don't know.
I tried MK many years ago and was not crazy about them, found them too heavy and oily. But things may have changed. If you do decide to try them, let us know what you think of them!

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My one and only encounter with a MK rep - she leaned over really closely and asked me to look at her skin. "Very nice" I said politely.
"Would you believe," she said triumphantly, "it used to be almost as bad as yours!"

Not a great sales approach, honey.

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I think some of the products are pretty good, but way way way overpriced. Also, MK is multi level marketing, the few at the top are making the big bucks at the expense of the ones below them. All they do us pressure the consultants to stock inventory, whether they have the capability or customer base to sell it to or not...cause that is where the money is for the sales directors. As much as I adore the Timewise cleanser, I really don't want my money going to a company that operates that way.

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I really liked their clay masque. It really helped my daughter who fought skin blemishes through her teens and twenties.

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I think Avon sells products that are just as good, and cheaper. I'm not an Avon Lady or anything.

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For 20 years I have bought their cleansing lotion and the eye makeup remover. It's right for me.
But never plan to sell the stuff - that's for suckers. You have to invest in inventory at the beginning and if you are not serious about sales, I am sure they win and you lose.

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I thought they were too greasy

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The last MK party I attended was the worst yet. I don't think I can suffer another one. After 1.5 hours of hearing the life story of the trainer and how MK changed her life, I had not heard a thing about the products. We finally passed a few things around and it was my misfortune to learn that the TimeWise facial cleanser had some irritating ingredient in it causing the back of my hand to burn and itch after a small amount was applied to it!

I have been to several other MK demos that were called free facials and they involved sampling lots of stuff on your face. There is some requirement tho, they MUST tell you the history of the real MK and how you too can sell MK and change your life before they open one lipstick.

I have found their website does not disclose their ingredients or the supposed medical research the trainer had often referred to in her presentation.

I have become a more informed consumer now. You can check out the book at the library by Paula Begouin, "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me." She has researched the ingredients of many cosmetic lines and keeps up with published dermatology journals and skin care advances. It has more information than one can absorb but I have not had a reaction from anything applied to my skin or hair since I have used only products given the smiley face in her ratings. She also has written a book about hair products. Neutrogena products almost all get smiley faces, meaning they are non-irritating and do what they are designed to do.

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Mary Kay is actually a pretty decent product. I just personally hate MLM companies... I just want the product and go... unless I really have no clue how to use it... like make up is really self explanatory.... and this is from someone who's mom had the car! ;) LOL

I use to sell tools for woman... and although I love my tools & use them in many projects... I had to give up the business... I hate the party approach... I'd rather sell my creations!

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I've tried so many cosmetic lines and I always go back to Mary Kay. All the colors compliment each other and when I decided to have a microderm abrasian done professionally, the doctor said that my skin was in fantastic condition, except for the sun damage that occured years ago. I say....You get what you pay for and the products are priced fairly. As for the operations of the company.....who cares as long as the outcome benifits the consumer. Give it a try and I am sure you won't regret it.

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sell Mary Kay, do you?

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Do you know if MK control toner contain alcohol? It says frangrance free but it has really strong alcohol scent though....I'm don't know if that good for my skin????

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Some good stuff, some bad, like any other line. But I don't buy much, mainly because the products are overpriced for the quality and the amount you get (small sizes) and because of the psycho sales people, I swear that company is like a cult. Creepy.

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So many people complain how expensive the Mary Kay line is.. Yet most people pay more for MAC Cosmetics. Do you understand how bad that line is for your skin? I have been looking into Mary Kay and the quality is similar to department store quality and much cheaper. I am a makeup Artist and I have worked with celebrities and at Jose Eber Salon Beverly Hills. I have used many of the best lines, Bobbie Brown, MAC, Jane Iredale, Eve Pear, Makeup Forever , Smashbox... And the quality is comparable.... But cheaper! I have also looked into Arbonne who is 100% natural and getting amazing reviews on the skin care and makeup. The cost is very expensive! Makeup foundation is close to $40 and skincare over $60. You guys want a great product that gives results, natural quality engrediance, but are you willing to pay? I work in a salon and we work with reps all the time. My color complany is provided by a rep, the makeup lines we use are provided by sales reps. Every huge company has sales reps. Mary Kay and others are only sales reps for those companies. They only choose to never have a store and only sell through reps. I don't sell but anything but don't hate on people who are working. The makeup counter girls are all trying to sell you there also. Car sales men sell you on a car.

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Interesting thread. Babygirl54, your info is very enlightening. I just joined MK because my sister who is extremely enthusiastic did and I wanted to support her. Actually I love MK products. My mom used to sell them and every Christmas and birthday we'd get products - score! The lipstick is actually terrific. Now I'm going to be a terrible salesperson because I have no intention of bombarding all my friends with pressure to have parties, etc. I figure I'll just let people know I signed up and if they want anything I can order it for them. But, like anything, it's not for everyone. This is an old thread but I wanted to comment.

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I think it's worth trying. If you have to try one thing, make sure it's the "Timewise"

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I have been using Mary Kay cosmetics for several years, and I LOVE it!! Besides, I've read many Mary Kay reviews ( in the web, and I must say thousands of women like these cosmetics too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mary Kay reviews

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Hi Ladies,
Mary Kay products are amazing! And they are the best selling brand of skin care and color for years. As far as pricing goes, what is great is they are middle of the road price but are better than most expensive brands. I have been using MK for 9years and haven't looked back! Plus the 100% by back is fabulous... basically it is risk free!

Now I will say not all consultants are created equally, and it is unfortunate that, like in any business, some have ruined the reputation for the others. My advice is if you get a good vibe from the gal go for it! The products are amazing, just be sure you like the consultant!

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I definitely think the quality is there. I love it all, the moisturizers, cleansers, lipsticks, blush, all of it!

What I hate are the sales tactics. I know when I need makeup. I don't need a reminder. I don't need junk mail or junk email. I also don't need all my friends on Facebook to know I've just placed my MK order and that it will arrive soon. I'm pretty discreet about my grooming habits and purchases. If I need blush, I will buy blush. I don't need you to suggest anything else or ask me if I'm almost out of something I bought six months ago.

I also am not a salesperson nor do I want to be one. I don't want someone up my snot reminding me to make my purchase or persuading me to join their pink revolution. Ugh. So annoying!

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They're okay, but overpriced. If you want to spend a bit more for makeup and skincare, I would go with Estee Lauder, Lancome, Chanel, etc. But time and time again, I read in reviews that drugstore skincare especially is just as good as the more expensive products.
I don't think the same is true about makeup however, but I found Mary Kay makeup yukky, like old-fashioned makeup from the 'sixties. Again, try department stores for good makeup, and stick to the skincare routines that come from the drugstore and you'll have the best of both worlds!
Hugs, Donnachloe

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Like with every product line and every service company out there, good and bad things are going to be experienced and said. The best you can do is be honest with your friend on your product/price concerns, and then take things from there. The truth of the matter is that a true friend isn't going to dictate your friendship on whether you join their team or buy their products, regardless of the company they are selling for. But could it really hurt to spare a few minutes and show some interest in what they do and what they're excited about? I'd hope your friend would do the same for you.

What's the worse that can happen? I'm very familiar with Mary Kay because I've used it for years, and I've honestly been very happy with it. I mean compared to other products I've used that actually cost me a lot more, I've had better results, and I just like the way my skin feels and looks. But I do know that if you're ever unhappy or anything negative occurs with your skin, a good consultant will notify the people that need to be notified, and any help you need will be there.

I'm fortunate that I've had good experiences. But I never would have known my feelings on the product or my trust in my consultant if I didn't at least give her a try. I work in the insurance industry, and I hear NO all the time, just like my Mary Kay consultant does. So it might be nice to appreciate the fact that asking you to try the product or help her reach a goal may have been very difficult for her to do...despite her enthusiasm.

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